xn xn+2 xn+3

yn yn+2 yn+3
zn zn+2 zn+3

2 years ago


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Your question is not clear and seems to be incomplete. Please recheck your question and post it again.
Thanks & Regards
Latika Leekha
askIITians Faculty
21 days ago

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Find the value of the integration of (vcosx-cos³x)dx{upperlimit is p÷4,lower limit (-p÷4)}
Sher Mohammad B.Tech, IIT Delhi.
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
Sher Mohammad B.tech, IIT Delhi
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
please show me answer in jpg type
max1234567890 4 months ago
Which are the best practice books for Algebra for IIT JEE?
Arihant books are very good for Mathematics. ALso do previous year IIT JEE question papers for practicing. A.Das Gupta is also a very nice book Bharat Bajaj askiitians Faculty
bharat bajaj 4 months ago
According to me `TEXT BOOKS` are the best practice books for IIT JEE.Because all materials are coming from the base of the text books.
KATIPERI 4 months ago
I think Dr K.C Sinha`s book of algebra is good for IIT JEE R.D. Sharma is also a very good book
Arpit Kumar 4 months ago
The total no of term free from radical signs in the expansion of (y^{1/5}+x^{1/10})^55
Hello Student, The general term in the expansion of (y^{1/5}+x^{1/10})^55 is given by =>r/5,r/10 should be integers =>r=0,10,20,30,40,50 =>6 terms Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar...
Arun Kumar 18 days ago
find the solutions sin2x-12(sinx-cosx)+12=0
Ans: We need to do hit & trial in this case So the combined solution is This satisfy the original equation.
Jitender Singh yesterday
If two tangents to the parabola y 2 =4ax from a point P make an angle θ 1 and θ 2 with the axis of the parabola, then find the locus of P if cosθ 1 cosθ 2 =λ...
Let the equation of tangent in slope form be y= mx + a/m Let point P be (h,k) hence this point will satisfy the line there fore: k = mh + a/m or mh^2 - km + a = 0 (a quadratic in 'm' which...
Pratik Tibrewal 6 months ago
Quito a city in ecuador and kampala a city in uganda both lie on the equator. The longitude of quito is 82 degree 30 minutes west and that of kampala is 37 degree 30 minutes east.what is the...
Both the points lie on the equator, so forget about the earth. Think of just a equatorial circle. a) Say A is Quito and B is Kampala. Angle subtended by A at the centre of circle = - 82...
bharat bajaj one month ago
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