xn xn+2 xn+3

yn yn+2 yn+3
zn zn+2 zn+3

2 years ago


Answers : (1)

Your question is not clear and seems to be incomplete. Please recheck your question and post it again.
Thanks & Regards
Latika Leekha
askIITians Faculty
3 months ago

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consider a set {1,2,3.....40} what is the maximum number of elements possible in one of its its subset A={x:sum of no two elements in this set is a multiple of 5} [KVPY]
the subset is {1, 2, 5, 6, 7,11, 12, 16, 17, 21, 22, 26, 27, 31, 32, 36, 37}
Y RAJYALAKSHMI one month ago
is number theory and combinatorics needed to crack iitjee???????????
Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below Number theory forms the basis of many questions in IIT JEE. but u may not find many questions in IIT JEE only on number theory...
No. of solutions of x,where x belongs to [0,2pie] and satisfies the equation, |sin a| +|cos a | = |sin x| where a is any real number. (Plz provide solution with explanation)
Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below Given|sin a| +|cos a | = |sin x| where a is any real number Squaring LHS we get (|sin a| +|cos a |)2=sin 2 a+cos 2 a+|sin 2a| = 1...
SHAIK AASIF AHAMED one month ago
Dear sir I am having problem in this question Find a dot b and a cross b if- Avector=i cap + 2jcap +kcap and b magnitude is 3 along c vector=icap+jcap+kcap
Hi please evaluate dot and cross yourself. Thanks & Regards, Arun Kumar, Btech,IIT Delhi, Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 4 months ago
Please answer 14 and 15 question of the image below
please upload a different image , the questions in the image are not clear, i can’t help you untill you post the questions clearly, please post the questions clearly.
Sher Mohammad 3 months ago
Hello student, Please find answer to your question 14. 15.
Jitender Singh 3 months ago
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Statement 1: If straight line x= 8 meets the parabola y 2 = 8x at P & Q then PQ subtends a right angle at the origin. Statement 2: Double...
Statement 2 is the correct explainnation for statement one So the answer would be : Option : (b) Thanks & Regards Sunil Kumar, askIITians Faculty M.Sc., IIT Kharagpur
Sunil Kumar 10 months ago
Option (a) is the answer, as latus rectum = 4a and here in statement 1 we see this is satisfied.
Sunil Kumar 10 months ago
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