xn xn+2 xn+3

yn yn+2 yn+3
zn zn+2 zn+3

2 years ago


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Your question is not clear and seems to be incomplete. Please recheck your question and post it again.
Thanks & Regards
Latika Leekha
askIITians Faculty
6 months ago

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i i
Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below Use identity a = e^(lna). i^i = e^[ln(i^i)] = e^[i*lni] Complex logaritm lnz = ln|z| + i*argz Then ln(i) = ln |i| + i*arg(i) =...
let t n denote the number of the integral sided traingles with distinct sides chosen from {1,2,3,4......n} then t 20 -t 10 = pls explain with stepwise solution
Let the sides of triangle be a, b, c so that b + c > a Take a = 20. Since a, b, c are distinct - If b = 19, c can take values from 2 to 18 = 17 distinct no. of values if b = 18, c can take...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI 2 months ago
Find an AP whose first term is unity and the second , tenth and 34th term form a GP
For AP a=1 2nd term(AP) = a+d =1st term of (GP)= b1 10th term(AP) = a+9d =2nd term of (GP)=b2 34th term(AP) = a+33d =3rd term of (GP)=b3 For a GP (b2)^2 = b1*b3 Put the values, form a...
Ravi 3 months ago
find the eqn of the circle which passes through the points (3,-2) , (-2,0) and has the centre on the line 2x-y =3
Lemme give you some hints. See, for a circle, the perpendicular drawn to any of its chord passes through its center. Also, it bisects the chord. So if we find a perpendicular line which is...
Yash Jain 24 days ago
the equation of a family of circles passing through the given pts are (x-3)(x+2)+(y+2)y+k(5y+2x+4)=0 where k is a parameter the centre of circle is 1-2k/2 , -(5k+2)/2 Since this lies on the...
Abhishek Singh 23 days ago
cosA+SinA=root2cosA,show thatcosA-sinA=root2 sinA
Hii student Take LHS from to prove and do the squaring and try to writecosA-SinA andSin2A in terms ofcosA+SinA. Mke certain rearrangement by using the property cos 2 A+Sin 2 A = 1 and you...
Sourabh Singh 4 months ago
CosA+SinA=​root2CosA SinA= root2CosA-CosA SinA=CosA(root2-1) Multiply by ( root2+1) on numerator as well as denominator SinA= CosA(root2-1)(root2+1) / ( root2+1) SinA=CosA(2-1) / ( root2+1)...
Nikhil Gaddam 4 months ago
A bullet loses nth fraction of its velocity while passing through a sandbag. The minimum number of sandbags required to arrest the bullet is?
the velocity after first bag = v- v/n = v(n-1)/n the velocity after secnod bag = v(n-1)/n- v(n-1)/n^2 = v(n-1)/n(n-1)/n = v(n-1) 2 /n 2 if n=1, means velocity loses complete velocity then 1...
Sher Mohammad 6 months ago
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