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                   xn xn+2 xn+3

yn yn+2 yn+3
zn zn+2 zn+3

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

Your question is not clear and seems to be incomplete. Please recheck your question and post it again.
Thanks & Regards
Latika Leekha
askIITians Faculty
one year ago

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if alpha ,beeta are the roots of x square+px-q=0 and gama,delta are roots of x square+px+r=0 , then the value of (alpha-gama)(alpha-delta) is (a)- p+q (b)- q-r (c)- r-q (d)- q+r
Hint: alpha + beta = -p, alpha*beta = -q. gamma + delta = -p and gamma*delta = r. Simply the given equation and replace the values with the above given values. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
Consider the equation ; x 4 + ax 3 - 6x 2 + ax + 1 find parameter of a for which equation has two distict positive roots ?
Its not properly uploaded in previous comment. The answer is a is (-infinity,2). Consider only positive side of x-axis for analysis, that is x>0. At a=2, you get f(x)=x 4 +2x 3 -6x 2 +2x+1, ...
Akshay one month ago
The answer is a is (-infinity,2). Consider only positive side of x-axis for analysis, that is x>0. At a=2, you get f(x)=x 4 +2x 3 -6x 2 +2x+1, Differentiating with respect to x: f’(x)=4x 3...
Akshay one month ago
When a(is less than)2, {f(x) when a(is less than)2} (is less than) {f(x) when a=2}. At x=1, you will get f(x)(is less than)0. As f(0)(is less than)0 and f(infinity)>0 , you will get two...
Akshay one month ago
question is in image
Step 1: C3 = C3 – C2*x, Step 2: R3 = R3 + R2, Step 3: C1 = C1 – 50*C2, Step 4: Expand the determinant You will get Dx = 2x(-50) + 500, Sum(Dx) = -500
Akshay one month ago
The sides (in meters) of a box joining at origin are represented by vectors a= 4i, b= 2i + 3j and c= i+k. The surface area of the box is
Surfce area is a vector. So, you do cross product. The ans is 2×{(a×b)+(b×c)+(c×a)}
KAPIL MANDAL 4 months ago
what will be the value of (x 1/2 )-1/2
please explain the question correctly
grenade 3 months ago
what did you meant by this
Gman Namg 3 months ago
the answer would be 1/81 approve if usefull
grenade 3 months ago
If the point (at^2 , 2at ) be exttemity of focal chord of parabola y^2 = 4ax then show length of focalchord is a(t + 1/t^2)
Find the eqn of focal chord using the condition that the focal chord passes through the focus(a,0) as well as(at^2 , 2at) by using the two point form of the straight line. Now, find the...
Ravi 9 months ago
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