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Determine the number of ways to choose 5 numbers from the first 18 positive integers such that any 2 differ by at least 2.

3 years ago


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Please mail the question with singly title, so that itn will be visibkle to everyone


3 years ago

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In how many ways can 20 persons be seated round a table if there are 9 chairs?
Select 9 from the 20 persons which will be 20 C 9 . Then to arrange the 9 persons on a round table, the number of arrange will be factorial(9-1). Therefore ans will be 20 C 9 * factorial...
Vijay Mukati 26 days ago
i cant get an idea to solve problems in complex numbers . suggest me an idea
Hi could you please give more details about the kind of doubts you have? The best method of course would be practicing with solved examples first and then slowly moving onto unsolved ones...
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon one month ago
i cannot do the sums on ` this equation represents -----------------`
Sarathchandra Lavu one month ago
formula of polar form
In polar form the amplitude and phase angles and the important parameters and it is expressed as d*exp(j theta).Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
best book for iit/aieee of math
i think you can refer the following: Maths : 1.)Hall & Knight(Algebra) 2.)S.L Loney (coordinate,Trignometry,Vector) 3.)R.D Sharma 4.) M.L Khanna 5.) Tata Mc.Graw Hill
Saloni Rakholiya 11 months ago
Rd objective
Amit chambial 11 months ago
please solve this question
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Your question is not clear. Please reupload the image. The first part of numerator: Is it e raise to power fraction part of...
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
no sir it is e raise to power integer part of x part of x
milind 11 months ago
If a^x=b b^y=c c^z=a Prove xyz=1 Please give the solution
In equation: a^x=b (put value of a i.e. c^z) => c^z(x)=b Now, put value for c i.e. b^y => b^y(zx)=b => b^(xyz)=b^1 Therefore, xyz=1 (Taking base as same)
2016 years ago
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