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Determine the number of ways to choose 5 numbers from the first 18 positive integers such that any 2 differ by at least 2.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)



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4 years ago

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x 2 +2x+1=0,x=?
for this question is the expansion is x^2+2x+1=0 for u have put x= -1 in that equqtion you will get 0 so x= -1 value is satisfies the equation so that the answer is x= -1 thank u boss
AMMANANNA one month ago
roots for the equation ( x 2 +2x+1) is x=-1 this equation also written as (x+1)^2=0 that implies x+1=0 therefore x=-1
RAMCHANDRARAO one month ago
OUTPASS 8 months ago
the sum &product of three numbers is same then what are those numbers?
the only possible numbers satisfying the given property are 1,2,3 . VERIFICATION – 1+2+3=6 1*2*3=6
sri tanish 8 months ago
its simple yaaar XYZ = X+Y+Z the only possibility is 1 ,2,3
kalyan 8 months ago
1.2.3 SUM IS 1+2+3=6 PRODUCT IS 1×2×3=6
pa1 8 months ago
How to apply telescopic series in series involving sine of angles
suppose your seies is : sin x + sin 2x + sin 3x..........sin nx, multiply and divide by sin x/2, use sin x * sin y = ½ * (cos(x-y) – cos(x+y) ), sin x * sinx/2 = 0.5 * cos(x/2) – 0.5 *...
Akshay 10 months ago
se sin x * sin y = ½ * (cos(x-y) – cos(x+y) ), sin x * sinx/2 = 0.5 * cos(x/2) – 0.5 * cos(1.5x), sin 2x * sin x/2 = 0.5 * cos(1.5 x) – 0.5*cos(2.5 x), sin 3x * sin x/2 = 0.5 * cos(2.5 x) – ...
manu 3 months ago
or if you want to do it using exponentials, write sin ax =1/2 * (e iax -e -iax ), u will get two geomtric series, one for +ve powers of exp, other for negative powers. apply sum of gm...
Akshay 10 months ago
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