Determine the number of ways to choose 5 numbers from the first 18 positive integers such that any 2 differ by at least 2.

2 years ago


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Please mail the question with singly title, so that itn will be visibkle to everyone


2 years ago

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I want chapters like group theory ,Elements of number theory,graph theory,theory of equation,group theory please provide me fast i want to read this chapters in just 2 days because mu exam...
It is not possible for us to explain the whole topic/chapter here. Please go through the study material and write down the specific problem. Thanks & Regards Latika Leekha askIITians...
Latika Leekha one month ago
Find the Locus of mid-point of line segment intercepted between real and imaginary Axis, by the line a’ z + a z’ +b =0 where b is real parameter and a is fixed complex number such that Re(a)...
Ans: Hello Student, Please find solution to your question below a’z + az + b = 0 Let z = x + iy z’ = x – iy Let a = c + id, where c & d are real numbers. a’ = c...
Jitender Singh yesterday
Find the value of the integration of (vcosx-cos³x)dx{upperlimit is p÷4,lower limit (-p÷4)}
Sher Mohammad B.Tech, IIT Delhi.
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
Sher Mohammad, IIT Delhi
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
please show me answer in jpg type
max1234567890 4 months ago
Help please image attached ...reply soon
Hello student, Please find answer to your question By binomiam theorm, we have
Jitender Singh 17 days ago
Under what conditions the function y = ax+b cx+d , (ad - bc) = 0 is it’s own inverse?
First inverse the function : x = ay + b / cy + d xcy + dx = ay + b y = b - dx/ cx - a It should be equal to original function b - dx/ cx - a = ax + b/cx + d bcx + bd - dcx^2 - d^2x = acx^2 +...
bharat bajaj 4 months ago
Roots of the equation 2 sin^2(A) + sin^2(2A) = 2 are - (a) p/6 (b) p/4 (c) p/3 (d) p/2 where p is for pi...
hi in these type of questions it is better to check from the options because there are only two terms 2 sin^2(A) + sin^2(2A) put A = PIE / 2 you will see that this value satisfies the...
jitender lakhanpal 9 months ago
2sin^2(A)+sin^2(2A)=2 2sin^2(A)+4sin^2(A)cos^2(A)=2 2sin^2(A)+4sin^2(A){1-sin^2(A)}=2 sin^2(A)+2sin^2(A){1-sin^2(A)=1 2sin^4(A)-3sin^2(A)+1=0 sin^2(A)=3/4+_(9-8)^1/2/4 sin^2(A)=1/2 or1...
Himanshu Mohan 8 months ago
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