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Solve For x :


x^3 - 3x = sqrt(x+2)

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


sq. both the sides.. then taking x^2 common..


x=-1 or x=2..



approve if u like

3 years ago

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S(M) denotes the sum of the digits of a positive integer M written in base 10.Let N be the smallest positive integer such that S(N)=2013, then find S(5N+2013)=? Example: S(201)=2+0+1=3
hey it is 27
dinesh 2 months ago
Anoopam Mishra 3 months ago
Answer is 18 Answer is 18 Explanation : Given that S ( M ) denotes the sum of the digits of a positive integer M written in base of 10. Let N be the smallest positive integer such that S (...
Anmol Agarwal 2 months ago
(-2)^1/2. (-3)^1/2=?
Not define as square root of -ve nos. is not defined
Aakanksha Talreja 2 months ago
raju 2 months ago
Evaluate sec θcosec(90 –θ)-tanθcot(90- θ)+sin 2 55+ sin 2 35 tan10tan20tan60tan70tan80
cosec(90° – θ) = sec θ cot(90° – θ) = tan θ sin 2 (90° – θ) = cos 2 θ Therefore, sec 2 θ – tan 2 θ + sin 2 55° + sin 2 35° => (1 + tan 2 θ) – tan 2 θ + cos 2 35° + sin 2 35° => 1 + 1 => 2 I ...
Shubham Kamleshbhai Patel one month ago
method for evaluation of concurrency point of two straight line?
See you will have to solve the eqn of both st lines first to get x/y whichever is easy to get, now substitute this co-ordinate in any of the two equations to get the other co-ordinate. And...
Alfaz Khan 3 months ago
Plz 12 question
((1-cos2x)sin5x)/((x^2)(sin3x) where lim tends to 0 1-cos2x=2(sin^x) sin^x/(x^2)=1 hence, 2(((sin^x)^2)/x^2)*(sin5x/sin3x) 2*(sin5x)/(sin3x) using l’ hopital rule 2*(cos5x)*5)/(cos3x).3)...
srishti 3 months ago
e^(x^2)-cosx/x^2 using l hopital rule 2xe^2+sinx/2x 4x^2e^x+cosx/2 1/2
srishti 3 months ago
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