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Show that 1993-1399 is a positive integer divisible by 162.

7 years ago


Answers : (1)

										Both 19^93 and 13^99 are odd, so odd – odd is even and is divisible by 2, so it’s enough we need to show that 19^93 and 13^99 is divisible by (162 / 2) which is 81.

Now, 19^93 (modulo 81) = (18 + 1)^93 (modulo 81) = 93(18) + 1 = 55 (modulo 81)

Similarly, 13^99 (modulo 81) = (12 + 1)^99 (modulo 81) = 99(12) + 1 = 1189 (modulo 81) = 55 (modulo 81)

Hence, 19^93 – 13^99 = 0 (modulo 81)

Therefore, 19^93 and 13^99 is divisible by 162
7 years ago

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modulus operator is a bit tough for me and i cant understand a thing in some questions for eg lim x->0- mod(x)/x=-1; how does this work mod must always be positive right?
Posting again as the there is bug in website which does not properly dispay inequalities. Its not difficult if you visualise it graphically. Search google for desmos graphing calculator and ...
Ajay 2 months ago
Its not difficult if you visualise it graphically. Search google for desmos graphing calculator and plot the graph for this function y= mod(x)/x. You will see why left hand limit for thins...
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In the listed image can you tell me how beta*gamma = 2 ….. . . .. ??
The value of gamma is still not correct, either printing mistake or you gave me wrong value. The correct value of gamma is below
Ajay 2 months ago
Thankyou so much............................. …......................................................................!
Anshuman Mohanty 2 months ago
Yes sorry..... . . . .it is not so clear.. ok the values are beta = α + α^2 + α^4 and gamma = α^3 + α^5 + α^7
Anshuman Mohanty 2 months ago
I am not getting the derivation of the formula nPr=n!÷(n-r)!. n=no. of objects and r=no. of times taken (the object)
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Please answer it fast! not able to understand permutations and combinations without it. 😢 Anyone kindly answer it. Hurry up please!!
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What is ((Lim n tends to infinity)(summation from r=1 to n)((r)/(n^2 +n + r)))
Please check the question it should be (r)/(n^2 +n * r))) If this is the question then we can solve by applying definite integration as a limit of sum Thanks
Nishant Vora one month ago
jagdish singh singh one month ago
find the derivative of abs(x-3) when x = -1 with correct steps
Hii you have to draw the curve and once you draw it you will see that the slope of the tangent is -1
Sourabh Singh 2 months ago
By definition the modulus function is defined as = -x+3 Hence derivative = -1 for all values of x less than 3 which includes -1
Ajay 2 months ago
find the distance A(2,3) measured parallel to the line x-y=5 from the line 2x+y+6=0
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Muna Kunwar one month ago
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