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I got 230 to 250 in AIEEE.I belong to Andhra Pradesh.Is there any chance for me to get thru NIT Warrangal under Home State quota?If so which branch?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi ,

Cut off for NIT warangal:

Branch Name Quota Allotted Under Category Opening Rank Closing Rank

Bio Technology AI OB 15834 20490

AI OP 5985 10467

AI OPPH 105845 105845

AI SC 51045 72532

AI ST 156571 160059

HS OB 21255 24721

HS OP 10782 13876

HS SC 72883 91501

HS ST 160307 160548

HS STPH 372073 372073

Chemical Engineering AI OB 8579 14079

AI OP 3175 6555

AI OPPH 100579 100579

AI SC 27659 56572

AI ST 114173 126222

HS OB 14442 17034

HS OBPH 157331 157331

HS OP 6556 7740

HS OPPH 111398 111398

HS SC 57927 65246

HS ST 138989 142382

Civil Engineering AI OB 6589 11202

AI OP 2006 5373

AI OPPH 50298 50298

AI SC 40570 44667

AI ST 69154 76839

HS OB 11818 14047

HS OBPH 95637 95637

HS OP 5415 6291

HS OPPH 67197 67197

HS SC 45568 51556

HS ST 91347 98586

Computer Science & Engineering AI OB 2221 3875

AI OBPH 21962 21962

AI OP 159 1926

AI OPPH 21229 21229

AI SC 5459 26527

AI ST 17887 39040

HS OB 4522 6595

HS OBPH 63728 63728

HS OP 1930 2854

HS OPPH 27795 27795

HS SC 18555 36554

HS ST 49015 56752

Electronics & Communication Engineering AI OB 1649 3860

AI OBPH 44493 57504

AI OP 322 1505

AI SC 5030 17509

AI ST 17894 37378

HS OB 4361 5657

HS OP 1555 2169

HS OPPH 21505 21505

HS SC 18224 25091

HS ST 40467 49985

Electrical & Electronics Engineering AI OB 4514 7241

AI OP 988 2812

AI OPPH 21590 21590

AI SC 27089 28736

AI SCPH 242019 242019

AI ST 19846 52112

HS OB 7379 7972

HS OP 2863 3376

HS OPPH 48049 48049

HS SC 33047 39798

HS ST 55869 65295

Mechanical Engineering AI OB 7652 8350

AI OP 1360 3586

AI SC 10636 33825

AI ST 64485 70707

AI STPH 346598 346598

HS OB 8502 9794

HS OP 3599 4391

HS SC 39487 41094

HS SCPH 196170 196170

HS ST 78926 87018

Metallurgical Engineering AI OB 16225 18457

AI OP 7695 9087

AI SC 60332 67346

AI ST 100374 108249

HS OB 18462 20455

HS OP 9088 11116

HS SC 68465 81917

HS ST 135346 143972

Closing and opening rank of all the NIT’s

AIEEE cut off … you can check here …

And for paper solutions :

AIEEE Paper Analysis:

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our disucssion forum as you can. If you find any question difficult to understand - post it here and we will get you the answer and detailed solution very quickly. We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation. All the best .

6 years ago

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i am from west bengal.this time iiest(shibpur) is offering 50% seats to west bengal students.will it benifit if i hav rank of 220000AIR and i am obc.last time NIT durgapur biotech sream...
Yes there may be the chances. However the opening and closing rank gives us idea but there may be variation within it. so you have to be ready accordingly.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
My suggestion is to check the placement record of Shibpur and along with that keep an eye on the counselling rounds plus spot round and parallely keep visiting the official websites of...
Ayushmaan Vardhan one year ago
sir i have 82.2% in CBSE. i want to know how much i have to score in jee mains next year so that i can get rank under 20000. please reply. this year i have scored 142 marks and got 72837...
its not the entrance marks that determine ur rank;of course entrance marks are also important but board marks are very important.since u have got 82.2% in board u must try to score above...
priya dharshini one year ago
Both the scores that is board score as well as jeemains score together matter a lot and if you wish to appear in the test again next year as well then improve your board score first and...
Ayushmaan Vardhan one year ago
Try to make out what are the weaker points in the field of PCM, work harder on them, download concerned topic papers and practice them, define a proper time for practice, join some reputed...
Soneel Verma one year ago
my air in jee main is 157553 which colleges am i likely to get?
please visit thanks . moreover if you are not getting some college with this rank apply for some good private...
SAHIL 3 months ago
sir i am getting ymca and uiet kurukshetra bot computer science which college should i prefer
After analyzing faculty infrastructure and placement according to me YMCA is abetter option PLS APPROVE IF HELPFUL
mohit vashishtha one year ago
after a
mohit vashishtha one year ago
list the best books for aiims ? so that i will get rank within 37
hi gagan these are best books you can buy to get rank within 37 for physics: 1.ncert physics for class 11 and class 12 2.feynman lectures on physics for biology: 1.ncert books of class 11...
SAHIL 4 months ago
I Got 6266 Rank in IIT Exam 2015. Will i get anything in 1 st round of Counceling? and suppose if i dont get? Will it still allow me to sit for 2 nd round? Furthermore can you please...
Dear Student, Yes you will be allowed to seat, You can edit or filll the fresh preference for 2 nd round. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
No, Its not possibile to change the courses instead the branch change may be possible. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
Normally the information is circulated internally. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
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Get extra R 3,750 off

  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
  • View Details

Get extra R 3,750 off

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