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Most comprehensive resource for colleges, universities or Tutoring services are faculty members. Askiitians simplifies the destination where you can gather information on subjects, connect with professors and IIT JEE teachers using online classrooms, browse an online packageIIT JEE syllabus library, request for IIT JEE papers.

Askitians, is an endeavor of learning online. We provide services like, IIT JEE test seriesIIT JEE study materialIIT JEE and AIEEE online coaching and many other services like discussion forums under the supervision of best IITians and expert faculty of askIITians mentioned below:


      Debashis Banerjee

      (B. Tech, IIT, KGP)

Debashis has teaching experience of 8 years in the field of mathematics. He has the distinction of teaching batches with Askiitians from which students go to IITs in bulk. He way of teaching mathematics is revolutionary.  The students wait for his sessions,He enjoys a great love and respect from his students.


         Manish Ballav

  (B. Tech, IIT, Kanpur)

Manish is known for his aplomb in teaching Physics. He brings along a vast teaching experience with himself. After finishing his B. Tech, he went to USA, but in order to unleash himself in true form of teacher He returned to India and associated himself with Askiitians. Needless to say his efforts has proved to be immense. Manish loves spirituality.


       Santosh Kumar

    (B. Tech, IIT, BHU)

He is a scientist by nature and has an acute flair for teaching Science (Physics and Chemistry). The students feel reasonably comfortable in studying Mathematics as well for 11th and 12th standard Physics and Math with him.


        Shailesh Kumar 

(B. Tech, IIT, Roorkee)

Popularly known as SK Sir among students, his sessions begin with a question which is the crux of a whole chapter in Math. He takes the students gradually to the higher level so that students feel a type of mesmerizing in his teaching style.


        Sumit Majumdar

        (PHD, IIT, Delhi)

He has a teaching experience of 7 years. Be it Math or Physics or Chemistry, Sumit can teach all 3 subjects with equal command. He is erudite and versatile. He has written many books on IIT JEE.


        Suresh Awari

  (M. Sc. Biochemistry)

Mr. Suresh Awari is a strong signature in Chemistry. His sessions are rigorous and intensive. Students go to his classes in order to get themselves well acquainted for concepts in Chemistry.


   Ashish Choudhary
  (B. Tech, IIT, Delhi)

Ashish is a computer science graduate from IIT, Delhi, still he chose to teach Math and Physics to the students all over the world. Reason is as simple as his teaching method. He wants to impart true joy of studying Math and Physics to the students.


           Amar Kumar  

(M.Tech, Physics, IIT, Delhi)

The students give kudos to Amar Kumar after every class they attend. The reason is that Amar’s method of delivery is very simple and to-the-point. He goes into the depth of each topic of Physics which is a mark of his teaching style.


             Anju Garg

(M. Phil., Chemistry, Punjab University)

Anju Garg has teaching experience of more than 17 years to the students of Engineering. She is a Mozart in Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. Her knowledge of subject Chemistry is commendable, and she is known for her intensity in teaching.


     Annamani Vanga

 (M. Sc., Microbiology)

Annamani teaches Biology for AIIMS, NEET and other state level Medical exams with Askiitians. Her teaching includes many time saving tips which a student can put to use and save a lot of time while attempting a paper. The Biology modules she teaches are very informative and also have interesting facts to enhance the general understanding of the subjects.


         Asit Noyogi

(B. Tech, IIT, KGP)

Asit is the most experienced teacher with Askiitians, almost 27 years. He has been teaching Physics for high stake competitive exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT etc. He has written many books of Physics. His sessions are very intense and he is acclaimed for his subject knowledge among Askiitians’ students.


            Bela Arora

   (M. Sc. Marine Biology)

Bela Arora has a great zeal to teach Biology and Chemistry to the students of Engineering and medical. She brings along a high competitive environment with her. She is excellent with her knowledge of subject and is extremely supportive.


   Chiranjeevi Lakhanwat

      (M. Sc., Chemistry)

Chiranjeevi has great knowledge of this subject. It is a pleasure for the students to have learnt fundamental chemistry knowledge, concepts, theories and laws. He undertakes the processes of chemistry through inquiry learning.


    Geeta Lalchandani

(M. Sc., Organic Chemistry, BHU)

If a student is having problem in concept in Organic Chemistry, he/she would love to go to Geeta Lalchandani. She is a very knowledge person in her subject and makes the students confortable with her teaching style.


      Iftekhar Ahmed

   (B. Tech. , IIT, Delhi)

Iftekhar can mesmerize anybody with his knowledge of Physics. He is soft spoken. He prefers to take foundation classes as he believes roots have to be consolidated at the right age. He develops questions for Olympiad worldwide for Askiitians’ foundation students.


      Aman S.

(B. Tech, IIT, Delhi)

Aman’s method of teaching is systematic, starting from basics to advanced level. He uses examples for real world in order to explain problems in Physics. He is very energetic and full of enthusiast. He evolves many new methods of imparting knowledge to the students. He has taught many top rankers in IIT JEE.


         Manish Gaurav

  (B. Tech, NIT, Hamirpur)

Recognized as a teacher and an authority in Physics for teaching JEE (Mains and Advance). His passion for the subject motivates him to continuously reinvent his pedagogy and the result it has produced over the years is there for everyone to see. 


     Mundedra Yadav

   (M. Tech, IIT, Delhi)

He is known for his sharp skills while teaching the students. The students who feel difficulty love to seek his help in doubt removal sessions and concept consolidation classes.


             Samir Roy

   (B. Tech, IIT, Mumbai)

You cannot find even a single student in Askiitians who does not admire him for his teaching skill.He has strong command over the subject and his ability to present math in an interesting way makes the subject enjoyable.


          Vikas Kumar

     (B. Tech, IIT, Delhi)

A teacher with keen insight into the subject matter and his ability to make the subject – Physics enjoyable, this is the way Vikas can be described the best.


       Neeraj Kisnani

       (B. Tech, BIT)

Neeraj has been teaching Physics for last 20 years. He teaches Physics to foundation classes.


       Karan S. Singh

     (B. Tech, IIT, Delhi)

Name an Engineering exam in India which Karan wrote as an aspirant and he was the topper in all these whether it was JEE, AIEEE or state level engineering exam. His method of teaching is innovative and zealous.


         Vinti Singhai

    (B.E., Gold Medalist)

Vinti Singhai sacrificed her career as a software professional in a multinational company in order to become a teacher. He has a stronghold over the topics of math and her passion is commendable.


      Sangram Yadav

    (B. Tech, IIT, BHU)

He has more than 13 years of experience in teaching Physics. His method of teaching is innovative as he invokes a thought process while telling answer to a particular problem.


        Ajay Prakash
 (M. Tech, IIT, Kanpur)

Ajay finds satisfaction in teaching Chemistry and Math to the Engineering exam aspirants. His clear and candid approach makes the subject away from its intricacies.


         S. Aggarwal

    (B. Tech, IIT, Delhi)

He is a brilliant teacher of math and Physics. In each of the problem, he solves for the student, there is method hidden which comes from hard work and dedication for teaching.


              Harshil  L.

      (B. Tech, IIT, Delhi)

He is teacher who is completely engrossed in teaching. The way he explains a chapter makes a big difference. Listening to his lecture is a big joy for the students of his batch.