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Most comprehensive resource for colleges, universities or Tutoring services are faculty members. Askiitians simplifies the destination where you can gather information on subjects, connect with professors and JEE teachers using online classrooms, browse an online package, JEE syllabus library, request for JEE papers.

Askitians, is an endeavor of learning online. We provide services like, JEE test series, JEE study material, JEE online coaching and many other services like discussion forums under the supervision of best IITians and expert faculty of askIITians mentioned below:

Mohammad Aziz Alam (IIT Roorkee)
Prince of Physics

Aziz Alam, Msc in Physics from IIT Roorkee 2008 batch. Past worked with different international universities...read more

Harsh Patodia (IIT Roorkee)
Math’s Guru

Harsh Patodia, Graduated  with engineering degree from IIT Roorkee. After that he was with reputed....read more

Harishwar Reddy (IIT Roorkee)
Chemistry Mentor

Harsh Patodia, IIT Roorkee 2010 batch. He is known as Chemistry Mentor by his students. He is having ….read more

Saurabh Kumar 
Physics Champion

Saurabh Kumar, M.Tech in Eectronics ,DCE. He is Physics champion faculty with vast teaching...read more

Yash Baheti (IIT Roorkee)
Mathematics and Physic’s Guru

Yash Baheti, the Guru of Mathematics and Physics is among the best brain of India an EX IITian from IIT Roorkee..read more 

Sumreet Johar 

Sumreet Johar, has done his MS in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Stony Brook University,..read more

Sumit Mazumdar (IIT Delhi)
IIT JEE Wizard

Sumit Mazumdar, A PhD professional from IIT Delhi, dedicated his 8 years into teaching IIT JEE aspirants ....read more

Nishant Vora (IIT Patna)
Math’s Mentor

Nishant Vora, IIT  2010 batch. He is known as Math’s Mentor by his students. Earlier Askiitians he...read more

A. R. Reddy (IIT Patna)

A. R. Reddy Sir : Chemistry wizard for JEE Main & Advanced, and an alumni of IIT with over 6 years of teaching...read more

Shobhit Varshney (IIT Roorkee)
Math’s Magus

Shobhit Varshney, IIT Roorkee 2010 batch. He is known as math’s Magus by his students. He was....read more

Sourabh Singh (IIT Patna) 
Math’s Wizard

Sourabh Singh, the Math’s wizard Graduated from IIT Patna 2012 batch. Considered as the Encyclopedia of Maths,..read more

Bela Arora 

Bela Arora, is a medical Post Graduate from JNU. She is having more than 5 years of teaching....read more

Ashish Kumar (IIT Roorkee)
Master of physics

Ashish Kumar, Graduate of IIT Roorkee 2009 batch popularly known as the master of Physics because ….read more

Vinti Singhai (IIT)
Math’s Marvel

Vinti Singhai, Graduated in 2006 with engineering degree from University College of Engineering....read more

Suraj Prasad (IIT Patna)

A Chemistry Scholar for JEE , Alumni IIT with a teaching experience of over 3 years at different institutes in an...read more

Ashish Gupta (IIT Roorkee)
Phantom of Physics

Ashish Gupta, IIT Roorkee 2010 Batch. He is having a strong base of physics from his childhood. He is...read more

Sunil Kumar (IIT Kharagpur)
Math’s Magician

Sunil Kumar, the Math’s Magician g Post Graduated from IIT Kharagpur 2009 batch. From Childhood he is passionate..read more

Nishtha Gupta 
The Passionate Biologist

Nishtha Gupta, is a medical Post Graduate from IISC Bangalore. She is having more than 4 years of teaching....read more

Akshay Meena (IIT Kharagpur)
Bond of Chemistry

Akshay Meena, Graduate of IIT Kharagpur 2005 batch popularly known as the bond of chemistry because of his....read more

Sweaty Sharma (IGIB)

Sweaty Sharma, a researcher on genetics by profession done her PhD from prestigious IGIB in 2006...read more

Komal Zutshi

Komal Zutshi, a researcher on genetics by profession done her MSc from prestigious Gurunanak Dev University. Being.. read more

Kuldeep Meena (IIT Delhi)
Physics Guru

Kuldeep Meena completed B.Tech from IIT Delhi. He is a Physics Guru with 4 years of vast teaching...read more

Gopesh Kumar Gaurav (IIT Patna)
Chemistry Guru

Gopesh Kumar Gaurav, IIT Roorkee 2010 batch. He is known as Chemistry Guru his students due to...read more


Ravi Sudhakar (IIT Delhi)
Math’s Maximus 

Ravi Sudhakar, the Math's Maximus completed his M.Tech. from IIT Delhi. He has been into teaching for the past 3.5 years..read more