Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is of fundamental importance as it talks both about the fluids both at rest and in motion. The chapter is not a lengthy and there are no intricacies so that student normally finds himself comfortable with the topic. It is not advised to ignore this topic as this is one of the topics which helps you in scoring without much effort.
These laws are new to the aspirant as he will learn these laws for the first time. However, the examples based on this are very easy and can be seen even in day to day life.
The chapter is important not only because it fetches 1-2 questions in most of the engineering examination but also because it is prerequisite to some of the chapters of Physical Chemistry like Liquid solutions and Colligative Properties.

  1. Fluid Statics

  2. Archimedes Principle

  3. Fluid Dynamics

  4. Surface Tension

  5. Solved Examples

Fluid mechanics is important from the perspective of scoring high in IIT JEE as this is used in a number of questions of Mechanics. Even though the questions directly based on Fluid Mechanics are not very high but the concepts are extremely important as they are mixed with other concepts in some of the good questions which appear in IIT JEE, AIEEE and other engineering examination. You are expected to learn all the concepts to remain competitive in IIT JEE examination. It is very important to master these concepts at early stage as this forms the basis of your preparation for IIT JEE, AIEEE, DCE, EAMCET and other engineering entrance examinations.

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