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Tangents and Normal

Tangents and Normal is the introducing part in the Application of Derivatives. The chapter starts with basic concepts of equations of tangent and normal to general curves, angle of intersection between two curves and goes on to discuss more fundamental concepts such as the monotonocity of functions. The illustrations are so chosen that you will get a complete insight. The analytical and graphical methods have been used to make you have the feel of the things.

 "Tangents and Normal" is one of the scoring chapters of Differential Calculus in the Mathematics syllabus of IIT JEEAIEEE and other engineering examinations. It requires a good understanding of graphs and further helps in the portion of Coordinate Geometry, another important unit in the syllabus.

The chapter is important not only because it fetches 2-3 questions in most of the engineering examination but also because it is a helping hand in the unit of Coordinate Geometry.

Tangents and Normal is an important chapter in Differential calculus. It is considered to be marks fetching as the Multiple Choice Questions that are framed on this topic are direct and simple. You are expected to do all the questions based on this to take an edge in IIT JEE examination. It is very important to master these concepts as this forms a strong base of your preparation for IIT JEEAIEEEDCEEAMCET and other engineering entrance examinations.  


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