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Benefits of Askiitians Franchisee

A well known Established Brand

  • You shall be using Askiitians Brand which very well known among anybody whosoever is preparing for Engineering.

  • It is the most established Educational Brand

  • Supported by a enterprising establishment with years of experience.

  • Known for word of mouth publicity

  • A student base of 4500 + student all over India

  • Known for its result oriented approach.

Innovation based organization

  • It has been started by Ex-IITians and managed by highly qualified group of foreign management professional. 

  • First one in India to lunch the concept of “Smart Online classes” and “Budget Education”

  • Curriculum designed after extensive research by EX-IITians

  • Propounded the “Super League” program where students aim for world top 25 universities along with the scholarship along with prestigious IIT JEE coaching

  • Separate R&D division comprised of only educationist.

Proven success record and growing future

  • More than 800 results in IIT JEE 2010

  • Success support system which guarantees “Just In Time” Delivery

  • Proven track record of franchisee model

  • A hassle free and holistic approach for business growth.

  • A recession proof concept.

  • A hundred percent sustainable model.

Exclusive rights for territory

  • Only one time license fee payment

  • Exclusive rights of territory is granted

  • Ensures safety of franchisee investment

Guaranteed returns on investment

  • Franchisee can decide fee for his / her territory

  • No hidden cost

  • Profit sharing in School Integration Program

  • Assistance in raising revenue and profit

  • Less royalty to franchisor

  • A sense of belonging and ownership

  • Invest less time and earn maximum

  • Work without compromise, work with comfort

Best support system – a totally hassle free approach

  • Assured personal support in establishing the centre 

  • Full marketing support  

  • All material design support 

  • All supply and logistics – Study material, Test series, daily practice papers 

  • Advice on installation, maintenance and upgradation of IT hardware, software and systems.  

  • NO need to purchase 

  • Each centre has a dedicated pool of faculty (only Ex-IITians) 

  • Best pool of faculty available in India. 

  • Each centre has a dedicated team for operations 

Recruitment and Training

  • Constant support from corporate office 

  • No cost involved in training – all support form Askiitians 

  • Totally Hygiene business for franchisee.

Marketing Support

  • Support for launching the centre – complete architectural design

  • Up-to-date marketing plan

  • Promotion of centre through Askiitians website

  • Effective marketing in fewer budgets.

Know about the various franchisees by filling in the below form: 

We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy
We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy


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