Strategy_optNow that JEE Main result 2014 has been declared and you have fallen to the wrong side of the JEE Main cut off, you feel yourself trapped in the difficult ‘D’- challenge life throws at you. You are feeling disappointed, dejected, desperate, and even doomed. Two years of your preparation (or non-preparation) has gone down the lane and what seemed like a set goal (of making your way to top ranks of JEE Main exam 2014 and securing a seat in good engineering college) seems shattered.

You feel that you have let down your parents. If your friends have got better marks in the exam, you feel ‘uncomfortable’ talking to them too. A kind of hopelessness envelops your heart and it seems that time has just stopped for you.

Welcome to the club, darling! I have been there, experienced that first-hand.

Believe me! After two years of pursuing studies at school and a high-fly coaching institute, all I could achieve was dismal scores in IIT JEE, BITSAT and even the Maharashtra CET that everyone in my circle had aced easily.

It was a rude shock to me. I had stood first in my class all those years and had managed to get decent scores in board exams too. And yet, I had failed to justify all the confidence my parents, friends of parents, parents of my friends, neighbours, relatives of neighbours had in me.

I felt that if I had failed cracking the engineering entrance exams, it proved forever that my abilities have been over-rated all throughout my life. I hope you get the gist!

For three months, I hardly ever ventured out of my room. I moped, sulked, and pouted all the time. I would refuse to eat dinner, clean my room, talk to my parents or touch my books again. I did not want to join a college either.

One day, my friends dragged me out. When I came back home, my room was sparkly neat and clean. My mom had dusted my study table, folded my clothes, put new covers on my books, and lighted the aromatic candle in my room.

There were three quotes
Success Plan for those with dreadful scores in JEE Main Exam 2014
Something in me clicked. I could see the Truth in these wisdom quotes. I realized that if I do not want to drown, I have to learn to swim. And I survived…and I thrived! Thanks to my wise and patient Mom!

Options You have Now

Use our JEE Main Rank Predictor to check what rank you can expect this year and colleges that are within your reach! Even if you fail to net a good college this year, you might be in luck if you have cleared your Class 12 board exam and have attempted for JEE Main for the first time this year, you are in luck.

You may choose to drop a year, enroll in a good JEE Main coaching program and attempt JEE the exam again next year. askIITians offers 1-year intensive JEE Main program for such students  where ex-IITians assess your current knowledge, help you clarify your concepts and facilitate in improving your speed and learning tricks to score more in JEE question papers.

Know that you are allowed three attempts in JEE Main exam and two attempts in JEE Advanced and BITSAT exams.
You may still have a chance to clear BITS entrance exam 2014 which will be held over a period of May 14 to June 1, 2014. BITS Pilani has earned a tremendous reputation over the years and is considered at par with the ‘IIT’ brand.
If you fail to make it in BITSAT too, you can join askIITians’ specialized interactive online coaching for BITSAT too and prepare well for BITSAT 2015.
You can register for free trial offer of askIITians coaching classes here and see how they can help you understand most difficult of topics easily on the notice board too:

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