Bill Gates makes more than 122 crore rupees per day!You probably know that Bill Gates is the Chairman of Microsoft and the wealthiest person of the world this year, according to the Forbes magazine. Here is some other trivia about Bill Gates you will like to know:

Money, Money, Money!

  • Bill Gates earns about USD 250 (more than Rs 15,200) every second, USD 20 million (more than Rs 122 crore) a day and USD 7.2 billion (more than Rs 44,013 crore) in a year!
  • It means that if he drops US$ 1,000 (about Rs 61,000) on the floor, he shouldn’t pick it up. In four seconds he will spend on picking them up, he will have already earned back his money.
  • Software King Bill Gates is perched on the Forbes 400 List of Wealthiest People in the World for 20 years in a row – since 1994. His net worth has been above USD 100 billion since 1999 and the term “centibillionaire” was coined.
  • If his estate is declared a country, Bill Gates country would be the 37th richest country in the world. Incredible!
  • The US currently has a national debt of USD 5.62 trillion (about Rs 3,44,55,060 crore). Bill Gates can pay it all off by himself using his current wealth and earnings in less than 10 years!
  • Bill Gates is a philanthropist. If he ever decides to donate all he has, he can give $15 (about Rs 900) to everyone on Earth and still have left $5 million (about Rs 30.5 crore) for himself.
  • Michael Jordan, one of the most popular and the highest paid athlete in the US has an annual income of USD 30 million (about Rs 183 crore). If he spends nothing from his income, it will still take him 277 years to become as rich as Bill Gates is now.
  • If all the money Bill Gates has is converted to $1 notes, we will be able to make a 14-lane road from Earth to Moon. However, it will take 1,400 years of non-stop work to make such a road and 713 BOEING 747 planes to take all that money up high in the sky.
  • Bill Gates has turned 57 in 2013. If he spends US $ 6.78 million (about Rs 41.44 crore) every day, his money will still last him for next 35 years.

However, Bill Gates can still go bankrupt in just 3 days, if users of Microsoft claim just $1 every time their computers hang because of Microsoft Windows.

Other Trivia

Bill Gates makes more than 122 crore rupees per day!Founder of the world’s biggest software company, Bill Gates sold his first computer program to his high school for $4,200. It was a time-tabling system and he was just aged 17 at the time.

  • He and three other high school students also got banned by Seattle-based CCC (Computer Center Corporation) from using computers as they used to exploit bugs in the operating system to steal extra computer time. Later, they made an offer to identify the bugs to get extra time on computers and were allowed to do so.
  • The SAT score of Bill Gates was 1590. SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test and before mid-1990s, SAT score of 1590 corresponded to an IQ of 170. The highest score for the test was 1600.
  • Bill Gates got enrolled at Harvard College in 1973.
  • Bill Gates was once arrested in New Mexico in 1977. He had jumped a red light and was driving without a license.

This post was published by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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