Open letter for changes in the rules and regulation systems in NITsAmidst in the huge number of cases on favoritism and corruption that is existing in several National Institute of Technology(s), a letter has been written by one of the former NIT students to Smriti Irani. In this open letter to the HRD Ministry, NIT, she asked for stringent action against those responsible for the downfall of the NITs quality.  A number of cases against the NITs directors were already filed and most of them are accused for having failed in running such prestigious and respected institution like National Institutes of Technology” (NITs) and simply being in such high positions with the help of political support.

The entire letter written by the former NIT candidate is given below and it was published first in Saddahaq.


Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani,

Union Minister of Human Resource Development,

Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001,

Email :


Dear Smritiji,

I am writing this letter with great hope and concern. I am an NIT alumnus,  Hamirpur. The recent events that took place in the NITs in all over the globe have made me disheartened. The authority as well as the dignity of these highly prestigious institutions is slowly diminishing due to the political interference.

Being one of the concerned alumni of this institution, I want to request you to make sure about the speedy action on the points mentioned below. These are some of the points that have been shared by many of the alumni members.

  • The structure of fee is quite high in the engineering colleges, NITs
  • The students of representatives are chosen without any proper democratic process
  • There is no student council and candidates are often alienated while making decisions regarding their welfare
  • The directors appointed by the Congress party are operating like directors and there is no active participation from the student and well as the faculty side.
  • The double process for examination has been now replaced by a single term exam without any proper rationale, eliminating students from getting a fair chance for improvisation.
  • The new promotional measures that have been adopted for faculty member’s promotion are unfair and disheartening.
  • Faculty members remain silent on the issues related to corruption because their Annual Confidential Report is developed by the Director as well as the annual appraisal also depends on him.

An RTI is also filed against these issues and the reply from the CPIO, Central Public Information Officer sums up the apathy.

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