The JEE Main exam is around the corner. Are you nervous? With almost a month left for IIT JEE Main 2021, many students are feeling overwhelmed due to the pressure of scoring a better rank and getting admissions to the most prestigious engineering colleges of India. But this is the time when with just a little more dedication you can score 150-200 marks in JEE Main. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.

1. Follow a study routine​

Say goodbye to all the laziness. It is time to buckle up and study even harder. Cancel all your plans or any social gatherings. Just focus on studying every day with dedication. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated to study for longer hours is to keep reminding yourself of your goal. 

Here’s a simple trick that one of our IIT JEE coaching students follows. Take a piece of paper and write the desired number of marks you want to achieve in JEE Main. Paste that paper on your study table or at a place so that you can see it most of the time. This will be a continuous reminder that you need to work hard and study as much as you can. 

2. Prepare all the important topics

At this time, you must first focus on covering the important topics first. This way you will be able to score better in the exam. Whether it be important chemical reactions, physics formulae or Maths concepts, practice every important topic thoroughly. Here are some of the important JEE Main topics: 


JEE Main Important Topics for Maths 

JEE Main Important Topics for Chemistry 

JEE Main Important Topics for Physics 

Quadratic Equations 

Isomerism of  Organic Compounds

Magnetic effects of Current and Magnetism

Binomial Theorem

Chemical Thermodynamics 

Electromagnetic Induction and Electric Current

Complex Number 

General Organic Chemistry 

Waves and Sound

Definite Integral and Area Under the Curve 



Applications of Derivatives 

Aldehydes and Ketones 


You can get the complete list of JEE Main important topics and their marking scheme from askIITians. Just send us a quick query.

3. Focus on your weak topics

If you have not worked upon your weak topics yet, this is the time. The best way to find out which topics are your weak points, practice a few JEE Main mock tests. Then you can evaluate which topics are difficult for you to understand. There could be certain chapters whose questions you are unable to attempt or chapters for which you take more time to answer the questions. You need to focus on all such concepts. 

One of our Maths experts, who provides online IIT JEE classes suggests that solving mock tests is important for scoring 150-200 marks in JEE Main 2021. This helps to identify where you stand in the competition. You will have a clear idea of how you can improve your score. 

4. Revise the whole syllabus

Another way to score at least 150-200 marks in JEE Main in 2021 is to make sure that you make time to revise the whole syllabus. You can use chapter notes to revise all the basic concepts. If some concepts are unclear, you can refer to textbooks. Use mind-maps and flashcards to revise all important formulae and chemical reactions. Practice questions of all the important chapters so that you can remember the formulae by heart. 


Our online IIT JEE coaching experts suggest that students must practice questions for which they have solutions for reference. You should avoid practicing unsolved questions as if you got stuck in them you might spend a lot of time finding the right solution. Moreover, you might lose confidence which we cannot afford at this time. 

5. Watch video tutorials

Want to revise all the concepts quickly? Watch some online video lectures for IIT JEE from a recognised IIT JEE institute. Watching a video could be more engaging and interesting at this time than understanding a concept from the textbooks. Moreover, it becomes easy to understand a concept through video lessons. 


Also, you will be able to revise multiple concepts in just a few hours. At askIITians, you can find step by step video tutorials of all the chapters of JEE Main. Our experts have explained every concept in an easy language so that you can prepare for JEE Main in a short time without any trouble.

6. Enrol in JEE coaching online

Enrolling in an online IIT JEE crash course could be a great idea at this time. You can revise all the chapters in online classes. You will find mentors who will guide you on how to solve problems in the exam. They will help you in time management and provide you with a personalised study planner. They will also provide you with all the tips and tricks for JEE Main. You can ask your doubts from the teachers and understand all the concepts in a better way.

7. Solve previous year papers

The last tip on how to score 150-200 marks in IIT JEE Main in the remaining months is to solve as many previous year papers as possible. Previous year papers make it easier for you to follow the exam pattern. You get familiar with the type of questions that were actually asked in the exam. Then, if any question based on a similar pattern appears in IIT JEE 2021, you will be able to crack in without wasting any time. 

Wrapping up

You still have time to prepare yourself for JEE Main 2021. If you need any kind of help the askIITians team is here for you. We are a top-notch online IIT JEE institute, helping students excel in JEE for more than 15 years. Our expert tutors can guide you on how to study so that you can achieve a higher rank in IIT JEE Main and Advanced. You can find a personalised study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Our video lectures will help you understand every JEE topic in detail. So think no more and make the most out of this time for your better future. Hope these 7 tips will help you prepare well for JEE Main in the remaining months.

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