Can someone prepare for JEE and NEET with online classes? 

Coaching institutes have always been popular amongst JEE and NEE aspirants. For years, students have been gruelling themselves, attending classes at school and coaching institutes, juggling between school coursework and entrance exam syllabus. While travelling and attending classes could lead to lower concentration levels and deteriorate the learning capacity of students, online learning has emerged as a promising option for students. 


Students can not only learn at their own pace but have a variety of learning options such as video lectures, presentations, mind-maps, online notes, test series and more. They can get the latest JEE and NEET tips from experts on their desktops. Let us see how online courses can help in the preparation of exams like JEE and NEET. 

1. Online courses are more engaging

Online Classes for IIT JEE and NEET are more engaging than offline classes. This is because students feel less intimidated about participating in an online class. In physical classrooms, many students hesitate in asking questions or participating in discussions. Online classes make it easier for them to take an active part in the class. They give answers freely, ask questions and even initiate discussions easily.

Moreover, online classes include study material in a multimedia format which intrigues students. It, therefore, becomes easier for a student to retain the concepts that they have watched in a video lecture.

 2. Students receive frequent feedback 

Feedback is one of the most important aspects of quality learning, whether it is NEET online IIT JEE preparation. In a classroom of more than fifty students, it becomes difficult for the teacher to keep a record of how every student is performing. This restrains the students from getting constructive feedback from their teacher. 

In an online learning environment, there are compact batches of not more than thirty students. Teachers can easily maintain a record of how a student performs in the class, their overall test scores, areas of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, teachers can provide better and frequent feedback to the students. 

 3. Students have more control over their learning 

Learning in a physical classroom gives students less time for self-study. They have to work hard to match the pace of the class. Learning online gives students more time for self-study. They do not have to waste time commuting to their coaching institutes. They can instead study from the best institute in the country right from their homes. 


Students can watch online lectures any number of times until they are sure that they have understood the concept. They can create their study schedule based on their availability. They do not have to compromise missing family events and festivals just because they have to attend a class at a fixed time. Online learning gives the students a sense of responsibility towards their studies.  


4. Learning online makes you computer-friendly  

Most of the entrance examinations are being conducted online only. So, every student nowadays must be familiar with computers. Only studying the syllabus and being able to find the correct answer won’t work. You must know how to give the test online and for that, you need a suitable learning environment. 

Taking online NEET classes or IIT JEE coaching online will give you a chance to solve online mock tests which will raise your confidence and prepare you well for the entrance tests. 

 5. Online learning costs lesser than coaching institutes 

We cannot overlook the fact that coaching centres charge lakhs from students in return for complete JEE/NEET preparations, study material and test series. Not every student can afford that. Online learning, on the other hand, costs much less. It is an affordable learning option through which students living even in remote areas can also learn and work hard for their dreams. No student would have to move to a different city and bear the expenses of living at a different place while learning online. 


6. Teachers are available 24/7 

Doubts can strike you at any time. So why not get them solved as early as possible? Many expert JEE and NEET tutors suggest that students must get their doubts solved as soon as they can to avoid confusions. Piling up your doubts often leaves them unsolved until exam time and then causes confusion and panic. 

Karan, one of our tutors who provides IIT JEE coaching in Qatar says, “online classes allow students to ask doubts anytime through mobile apps, private and public online discussion forums. This makes it easier for students to complete their NEET and JEE syllabus on time. This is unlike learning in a coaching institute where teachers hardly have any time to discuss students’ doubts.”

 7. Personal guidance and support 

The journey of JEE and NEET preparation online is not that easy. Students often feel stressed and pressured because they want to perform the best in the exam. They often judge themselves and lose self-confidence. At such times, they need guidance and support from someone who understands their challenges. Online coaching institutions not only provide JEE and NEET exam tips to the students but also provide a facility to the students where they can interact with the tutors and seek guidance on how to stay motivated. 

Another major aspect of online courses is that parents can actively participate in their child’s learning journey. They get the latest updates about how their child is performing in the class and mock tests through messages and emails. Moreover, they can participate in regular parent-teacher meetings ensuring that the child has their full support. 

 Wrapping Up 

Online courses are a promising option for JEE and NEET aspirants, especially at these times when staying at home has become a necessity for all of us. Learning online is more engaging, it enables you to get better feedback and gives you control over your learning. You can connect with your teachers at any time and seek personal guidance and support that can help you build your confidence for exams like JEE and NEET. 1.

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