Sociology-Lazy-StudentAll right! If you are of a view that 5 months are too less of a time to crack JEE then you should better take inspiration from the story of guy who cracked JEE in just 3 months.

There was a guy named Anirudh who regretted himself for wasting his time when IIT-JEE forms were finally out in the month of November. He was not well-versed with even basics by that time.

With just few months in his kitty, he vowed to never give up and maintain a positive attitude to achieve success in JEE.

He would study for about 10 to 12 hours daily and increase the hours by one every week. He was determined to crack JEE in 3 and half months. In fact, he would also study for his CBSE boards as they were going to take place the same year.

Poor in physics, chemistry organic, and 11th grade’s mechanics, Anirudh was only good in Maths and that till this board level. But in spite of all these flaws, the guy took up the challenge honestly and worked hard from the scratch.

He started with physics. After studying everything from NCERT book in just 1 week, he solved every problem in HC Verma and Resnick Halliday.

He applied the same method while studying chemistry. He solved every problem in chemistry from Morrison Boyd.

For mathematics, he studied all coaching materials sincerely. With this sincere determination and, of course, hard work, Anirudh not only mastered his concepts, but also cleared JEE with AIR—1278. He performed really well in boards as well.

He is currently doing B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from IIT-Bombay.

Anirudh was just an ordinary kid with no gifted capabilities. If he can clear JEE in just 3 months then you can also make it happen.

The only gift he had was his determination to avoid things that were not important in his life. These things were also coming in the way of his engineering dreams. He made a choice, took a decision, and just abided by it sincerely.

In fact, 3 months is a long time for people who have the right attitude to make it. It’s not an unachievable task, it’s just what we think that it is unachievable. So go on, challenge yourself, and start right now to make it happen.
This post was published by Rakesh Singh, The product head at askIITians and an IIT- Delhi and IIM-Kozhikode alumni.

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