The man who has wooed the entire Indian nation with his awe-inspiring visions for the country’s growth has loads of things falling in place in his favor this election season.

And this time, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Singh Modi, is on the seventh heaven these days. And why not? He is receiving ardent support from none other than the group of 200 technology students from the hallowed institution—IIT-Delhi.

Narendra Modi Flies on the Seventh Heaven—Gets Support from IITians
Narendra Modi Flies on the Seventh Heaven—Gets Support from IITians

This one-of-its kind group of 200 students from IIT-Delhi is all set to campaign especially for Mr. Modi.

“It was around six months ago that five fellow students and I discussed channeling the strong support wave for Mr. Modi prevalent in the institute. That’s when the idea to form a student group to campaign for Modi struck. We also formed a Facebook group for students like us,” said one of the members of the group on the condition of anonymity.

The group is aptly named “IITians support MODI”. These 200 students of the group say that they support Mr. Modi directly and not support their party BJP.

Not only members of BJP, but also the members of IITians support MODI believe that being an IITian gives them an edge over other supporters to motivate the people of India to vote for Modi.

“We are independent of the BJP and have no alliance with them. We introduce ourselves as IIT students and not BJP supporters because then we will not be considered neutral,” said a final year Mechanical Engineering student who is a part of IITians support MODI.

This group is highly energetic and holds weekly meetings to come up with their new strategies.

The group is currently busy campaigning on social media platform.

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