Exams are an inevitable part of human life. What exams bring along is a lot of stress! Are you also one of those who sweat as the examination season approaches? The lack of calmness or balanced approach might actually have a negative impact on your performance. A student not only has to deal with the pressure of studies but instead what is even more worrying is the pressure which he faces due to high expectations of family, society or relatives. The main challenge that a student faces is when he is required to balance his school studies like boards along with some entrance preparation like IIT JEE or other engineering exams. We cannot really deny the importance of exams, but a proper time management and balanced approach can prove fruitful and may help one sail easily through this crucial journey.

Hard work together with smart work is all what you need to come out with flying colours! With millions of academic aspirants on the prowl, it is the smart work that can help you in reaching the top ranks. Once you are done with the syllabus, it is really important to go through revision notes and practice some sample papers. Studies are no more limited to just classes and books. The technology has advanced so much that if you have a query in your mind, you can just put in some forum and you get an instant answer. Let us have a look at some of the ways which can simplify the journey of exam preparation:

 Get hold of Revision Notes….          

Revision notes play a significant role in brushing up the skills. They help students in carrying on their preparation in a meticulous way. Revision notes, particularly of practical subjects like mathematics offer numerous benefits like:

  • Revision notes help students with time management.
  • They help in committing to what has been learnt and understood to memory.
  • Revision notes help in identifying and grasping the key topics.
  • Aids in whittling down the content to manageable and digestible proportions
  • Revision notes are an aide memoire which avoid missing out the main points.

askIITians offers ultimate revision notes on maths which have been meticulously prepared by the dexterous faculty comprising of ex-IITians. These revision notes cover all the important topics and provide all the key points of a particular topic at a single place. They can be of immense help especially for students preparing for engineering exams like the IIT JEE. askIITians will soon launch the revision notes for chemistry and physics too.

Attempt various Sample Papers….

various sample papersJust like revision notes, sample papers are also equally important. They act as a rehearsal act of the final exam and aid in identifying the weak areas. askIITians offers CBSE sample papers of class 10 for all subjects including English, Hindi, Science, Maths, Social Science and Sanskrit which are in perfect alignment with the CBSE boards. The ICSE sample papers for class 10 are also available on the askIITians website. With the help of these papers students get to know what exactly is expected in the ICSE exam.  The CBSE and ICSE sample papers are of great importance as:

  • They ensure good grades.
  • They help in identifying the weak areas and hence working on them.
  • These papers help to practice planning and writing answers to questions.
  • Sample papers offer good tips and learning.
  • Students improve their speed and conceptual knowledge.

Exam Updates…

exam updatesIt is really important to remain abreast with the various exam updates in this competitive world. askIITians is an online portal which offers all the latest updates on various prestigious exams like the IIT JEE, BITSAT and other engineering exams. It also provides various previous year papers along with the solutions.

Join a forum…

Students who sit for various prestigious exams often have several doubts while preparing for the exams. Nowadays, it is possible to get an immediate solution in such a case. They have the option of joining a forum where they can post their queries and get immediate answers. askIITians forum is one of its kind where students are free to post their questions and answers. They are free to ask any kind of doubts and get exclusive advice from expert faculty comprising of ex-IITians.

Last but not the least; remember that exams are just to gauge your preparation. You must try your level best and avoid last minute cramming as it just results in anxiety. Just relax and don’t panic even if you don’t fare well in your exams. The moment the answer sheet goes in the hands of the examiner, your work is over. Marks, studies, results are just a part of life and your world doesn’t end here! Brace up yourself and wait for the next opportunity.

Life is a vessel full of opportunities and those who are able to identify these opportunities emerge as a winner!

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