Funny-Engineer-Job-Interview-3899A very good friend of mine was pursuing computer science at one of IITs with a CGPA of 9.8+. Although he had eyes set on higher studies after graduation, he had jobs in mind as a back-up option.

He was quite sure of getting 12 lpa along with a lucrative job offer during the first week of placements at the campus. After securing a job offer, he wanted to concentrate entirely on writing applications to universities for higher education.

Hence, with this goal in mind, he attended every presentation phase and wrote Aptis believing that he would clear without a hurdle. But to his horror, he couldn’t make past even one company’s written exam. This soon began to take toll over him. He had begun to question his ability to ever find a job in his life.  Companies came and went by leaving him a jobless still. The week was now long gone now.

Finally arrived Amazon at the campus, which too made no difference to his already sinking career aspirations. He was left completely depressed for not making it to any company.

Like all forlorn Majnus, he also headed to Theka to buy cure for all diseases—Daaru.
He drank all he could buy with his money as if it was world’s only day. But surprisingly, he managed to come back in the hostel before he passed out in his hostel room.

But as the fate had it, Amazon in the meantime decided to interview candidates left by Microsoft, TIs, and Nis. The campus however did not welcome Amazon again but finally had to surrender to the company’s demands once it threatened to never return.

Bewildered, the campus quickly made a list of top students in computer science irrespective of their performance in previous interviews. Obviously, my friend  too made it on the list.

We literally lifted his ass off to the interview room from where he trudges to where interviewers were sitting. He confronted his interviewers in just a T-Shirt that read F**** You!

He smelled of alcohol and tobacco leaves stuck to his teeth. He handed his resume to the panel. Ignoring everything, the panel decided to test this weird engineer by asking a question. My friend replied it instantly. Apparently, it was too simple for him.

The panel asked a tougher question than this. And guess what! He replied quickly again. The members of the panel looked at each for a while before settling to ask the toughest question.

Sparingly, he answered correctly without wasting too much time. The members looked at each other once again with sheer dismay.
Undoubtedly, my friend was also shocked with his performance.
One of the members asked curiously, “How do you know these answers? Where did you learn about these things?”

My friend told them the sources, which again left them confused.
After a long pause, the members asked again, “how can you read that being a mechanical engineering student?”

My friend realized something going awry.  He the panel showed him his resume where it was clearly written that he had done B.E. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering.
Things began to become clear to my friend now.

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