Facts on BITS Pilani That Will Impress YouConsidering the current level of competition, it has become of immense importance for students to find a college that will truly help them in realizing their dreams. BITS PILANI is one such institution.Mentioned below are a few features about the institution that stands out.

Inter-connected Campuses

BITS PILANI has campuses at Pilani, Hyderabad, Goa and Dubai and all these campuses are interconnected through BITS CONNECT 2.0 – a million dollar project. This allows a student from the Hyderabad campus to not only attend lectures at Pilani but can also able to interact online and can ask live questions, which is something happening for the first time in India. This is a perfect combination of remote learning and participatory coursework with remote recruitment and collaborative research.

No Reservation System

At the BITS Pilani, there isn’t any kind of reservation for anybody. Administration here believes that reservation can hardly play a part in the progress and advancement of the country. Every single student at BITS Pilani is equal and there are no special privileges for anybody.

BITSAA Global Network

Since the inception of the BITS Students Alumni Association – alumni students participating in the development of the institute has increased considerably. Ex and present students meetings are regularly organized where noted alumni students from the institution like Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia, Ex vice-chairman of Wipro Vivek Paul or Baba Kalyani, former chairman of the Bharat Forge interact with the students.


In an effort to establish a working linkage between the academic world and the industrial world the Practice School system has been a great effort put in by the institution. The system is divided in 2 parts – PS1 of duration of one and a half month at the end of the second year and PS2 that is scheduled at the end of fourth year for a regular period of six months.

Flexibility at BITS Pilani

One of the most unique and impressive feature of BITS Pilani is the flexibility that the institute is known to offer its students. Students here are not only allowed to opt for dual degree programs if they choose to, or can also opt for transferring courses from one program to another. Students also enjoy flexibility in choosing the timing of the lectures they would prefer to attend as well as their class and lab timing. Students are also allowed to opt for elective subjects that they are really interested in and this is certainly one of the finest features that students find about the institute.

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