BITS Pilani scores over the new IITs
BITS Pilani scores over the new IITs

Whenever there is a survey or any study on the Engineering colleges whether it is in newspaper, magazine or a website, IITs always feature in the list. Most of the top slots are occupied by the IITs followed by some other institutes and again you will see the IITs. Even in a comparison among various engineering institutes the  IITs are not in the picture as they are the most elite lot of institutes.

In 2008, nine more institutes were added in this band by the government of India:

  • IIT Bhuvaneshwar
  • IIT Gandinagar
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Indore
  • IIT Rajasthan
  • IIT Mandi (HP)
  • IIT Patna
  • IIT Ropar


Without any apprehension we agree that by the inception of these institutes the dreams of many students of being an IITian would be realized but the question that arises is that are they really worth it?

One more institute that features in the top 10 list is BITS Pilani. Now the question that often keeps students perplexed is whether to opt for a private institute like BITS rather than IIT.

If you are also sailing in the same boat, relax. We are here to get you out of this difficult situation. We provide you an unbiased comparison of BITS Pilani with the new IITs.

IIT Bombay and Delhi are undoubtedly the most elite names but can the same be said about the new IITs? The answer is no. Actually, once Former Dy. Director of IIT Indore even confessed that there was no need of opening eight IITs in addition to the existing seven IITs as their funding has always been an arduous job. Moreover there is also a shortage of efficient faculty.

Conversely, BITS Pilani, a non-government college, is a top notch private institute. It surpasses most of the institutes in the overall performance. Besides offering high end education, comprehensive and overall development, it also makes students capable of grabbing jobs with good compensation.

Hence, it is quite evident by now that BITS Pilani scores over the new IITs.

The new IITs have a grave shortage of faculty. While the students are in abundance, there is a crisis of efficient faculty. On the other hand, BITS Pilani has superlative faculty in addition to international infrastructure. It has also witnessed unparalleled placement records. The recent HRD ministry data also ascertains that the new institutes are far behind the level of IIT brilliance.

Therefore, if you have the option of BITS Pilani, do opt for it rather than the new IITs which are yet to reach the level of IIT distinction.


This post was written by Aditya Singhal, managing director of askIITians.

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