IB or International Baccalaureate is one of the most prestigious learning curriculums in the world. This program is intended to develop the intellectual, social, emotional and personal skills of students. 

If you are studying the IB curriculum in India, you might find it a little different from what Indian schools teach. Their exam patterns, coursework, and assignments are all a bit different from the CBSE, ICSE or other curriculums prevalent in India. Hence, it is a better decision for students in India to look for IB coaching. 

The best IB tutors in India are found at askIITians. It is an online learning platform where students and tutors engage in one-on-one online learning sessions. Their flipped classroom learning strategy and a great team of learned IB tutors make a perfect learning environment for the students. 

Here are some distinguished reasons why IB coaching online at AskIITians can be the best option for you –

Personalized IB Coaching 

A learning program that is designed only for you so that you can learn at your own pace, focus more on your weaker areas and enhance your strengths, askIITians offers a personalized learning environment to the students. Students get complete attention from the IB tutors and can easily discuss their queries with them. 

High-Quality Teaching 

The faculty for online coaching of IB at askIITians is highly-qualified. Many of them have gained an education in an IB school. The tutors have deep insights about the IB curriculum and marking scheme. They are well versed with the latest syllabus of IB schools and are a rich source of information for the students. 

Latest Learning Techniques 

Every student has different learning capacities and capabilities. Some just need a little assistance while others need to be taken to the right track with a series of efforts. Tutors at askIITians understand this and hence come up with innovative learning methods depending upon the student’s requirements. 

Amazing Study Resources 

Do not just expect IB preparation tips online at askIITians , there is much more for the students here. You can find mindmaps, revision notes, study guides, powerpoint presentations and video-recorded lectures for the students to catch up with their studies anytime they want.  

Feedback and Progress Tracking 

Learning is incomplete without feedback and analysis. The IB tutors at askIITians keep a check on this aspect and hence provide weekly feedback to the students. Tests and discussions are conducted at regular intervals to check the learning progress of the students. 

IB Coaching For All Subjects 

Whether it is Math SL that is bothering you in school or Economics that gives you a tough time, you can find a dedicated tutor for all IB subjects here. It is up to you how many subjects you want to study. 

Affordable Fee 

askIITians is the name if you are looking for affordable IB coaching online. They charge minimum prices from the students and offer them greater value through their learning programs. It is a guarantee that you will prefer them after getting to know how less they are charging for such great courses. 

askIITians has got all the traits you would look for in an ideal online learning platform. If you are looking for a tutor that can help you grow your intellectual, social, emotional and personal skills with the IB curriculum, askIITians is the name to consider. 

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