Top 10 Advices Given by Senior IITiansSo, all IITians, when was the last time you got a really good advice from a senior IITian?

It’s not a question worth causing nightmares for IITians like you. Obviously, you keep getting a whole lot of both solicited and unsolicited advices from your seniors on and off. But not all advices from those blood sucking Zombies (senior IITians) are actually helpful. In fact, most of them make you laugh right in their faces.

It is not that only funny advices get highlighted at IITs. There are some valuable advices from seniors too that have helped many IITians excel in their prospective careers.

So to give you a few moments of both knee-slapping humor and deep intellect, we’ve compiled a list of advices given to IITians by their seniors.

Advice 1

Kid, your greatest success till date has been JEE. Don’t make your graduation be close to your greatest success!

Advice 2

Research! Change the World! Try your best to not do MBA. Look what it has done to Chetan Bhagat!

Advice 3

“Don’t just look for the person who pays you the most; you’re not a prostitute!” well, this particular would’ve come straight from a frustrated jobless senior.

Advice 4

Don’t let yourself be known because of your alma mater – let your alma mater be known because of you.

Advice 5

“These 4 to 5 years in IIT are more about discovering yourself than defining yourself. So don’t panic and keep following and exploring whatever you like instead of trying to mould yourself for a particular profile.”

Advice 6

“Don’t choose role model(s) among your seniors in IIT and blindly start following their IIT journey. Everyone in IIT is different. By making role models, you automatically restrict yourself from attaining the heights you have the potential to achieve. Many make the mistake of choosing a role model and copying him/her and thus lose their originality.”

Advice 7

“There are 2 type of approaches in life : Top-Down and Bottom-Up. Top-down is when you see yourself in the mirror, know what you want to be 5-10 years down the line, chalk out the qualifications/expertise you require for it and work super hard to achieve it. That is a sorted awesome feeling in life. In Bottom-Up approach, you are still not clear of what you want in life. But that should not stop you from pushing yourself and working hard. Especially in IIT, more than 75% of students are unsorted, but you still have to go for the best opportunity at every stage and keep your options open. Do not stop. Just keep moving ahead. So that, the day you find your top down approach, you shouldn’t have regrets as to what you could have done.”

Advice 8

“IIT is a ladder and the students are steps. Everyone is trying to climb the same ladder using the same steps. Once they reach the top they won’t look down. Find just three people here, just three people who on reaching the top would look down, give you a hand and pull you up. If you can find them, then you’d have it all.”

Advice 9

“IIT kabhi bhi tumhari manzil nhi ho skti, yeh to sirf ek rasta hai.”

IIT is not your destiny. It’s a road to your destiny.

Advice 10

Respect women, inside and outside IIT, always! “

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