Experts who had claimed NCERT textbooks as the best source to prepare for JEE Main 2014 were not wrong at all. According to reports, online JEE-Main Exam 2014 was easier than its offline version as few questions in the exam were directly picked up from the textbook.First day of online JEE-Main Exam 2014 was conducted on April 9th April, 2014, which was taken by around 1.72 lakh JEE-Main candidates. Students also believe that the online version of the examination was way easier than that of offline version.
Students said that few questions were also picked up from previous year question paper.
One more reason why this year’s online version was easier than previous year was the students did not have to bother shading the correct options properly for them to be considered as their answer.

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Prepare from NCERT Books for JEE-Main

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