5 Best Reasons Why You Should Prepare from NCERT Books for JEE-MainThere are a number of reasons behind students getting stressed easily during JEE-main exam season every year. One of them is choosing the right source for preparation in the exam. With an abundance of all types of sources for the exam, students are often found wasting their time over deciding the right option. They end up taking wrong decisions due to this surreal mess.

To avoid getting stressed of this unwanted mess and score well in JEE-Main, students must refer to NCERT text books. The usefulness of NCERT books is praised by both top academicians and successful engineers. NCERT books are not only useful for JEE-Main preparation, but are also helpful for all competitive exam preparations in India. JEE toppers claim that no competitive exam in India can be cracked without having referred to NCERT Books. They are the Bible for students preparing for their dream careers.

Some of the reasons why NCERT books are useful for JEE-Main preparations are given below:

1.   Authentic Information

All NCERT books are written by experts after an extensive research on topics. The information compiled in them are authentic can never mislead you. A number of books with a few exceptions have compromising facts and information.

2.   Clear and Strong Basics  

NCERT books cover basics and fundamentals on all topics for students. These clear concepts on basics play an important role in the preparation of any competitive exam, be it JEE-Main. NCERT books explain all basics clearly without any confusion.

3.   Standard Questions

All NCERT books contain standard questions. Although they are fewer than questions in other source books, they are designed effectively to cover the syllabus of the exam.

4.   Questions from NCERT Books

A number of questions in JEE-Main are directly picked from NCERT books. So you must not forget to refer to NCERT books for your preparation.

5.   Easy Language

NCERT books are written in easy language by experts after an extensive research. They cover everything. Students must not waster their precious time studying about a particular in other books when they can get it all in just one single NCERT book.

Hence, if you are willing to score really well in upcoming JEE-Main examination always refer to the Maths, Physics, and Chemistry books of NCERT. With the right time-management and NCERT books, there is no looking back for you.
This post was published by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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