end_of_semester_stress_optThe debate over recent change in JEE Mains has gone to a different level with thousands of students coming out of their shell to show their disappointment for this sudden change. It has taken all students by surprise as they are left with no choice but go for it no matter may come. As believed by many, this controversial change in JEE-mains is likely to decrease the quality of engineers.

For example there was this case of a guy who scored 323 out of 360 in JEE-Main and secured 93.6% in CBSE 2013. He ranked 617 in JEE-Mains. On the other hand, his friend scored 271 out of 360 with 96.2% in CBSE. He was ranked < 600. Here the difference of just 13 marks in boards overshadowed the difference of 52 marks in JEE-Main. Well, this is obviously unjustified.

Students rather believe that the scenario would have been completely different had it been about 40% in boards and 60% in JEE-Main. Students also believe that the education ministry should have notified them with at least a 3-year notice so that they could have prepared themselves accordingly.

Surveys done by several organizations reveal that the change in JEE-Main is really illogical. Students receive marks out of 360 in JEE-Main and their percentile is accordingly calculated. The same applies to the marks obtained by a student in CBSE. With total marks of 360 in JEE-Mains, its only 60% or 216 marks are given importance while the rest 144 marks are contributed by marks obtained by students in boards.

“It is weird. They take your Boards percentile, see how much marks that percentile yielded in mains, and take that in the 216 marks. For example, if your scorer in JEE-main was, say 250, you would have 150/216 in the Final score, and say your board percentile was 95%. If 95% meant 240 marks in Mains, your remaining 144 marks would be contributed by (144/360)*240=96, making your total score 246 out of 360. I find it extremely pointless to equate exams that have very little in common,” said Harshit, a first year IIT-Bombay student.

With the introduction of new percentile rule in JEE-Mains, NITs are likely to suffer a lot. The rule will not allow better students to come ahead and join NITs owing to their not-so-convincing performance in CBSE boards. Hence, it is not a great idea to give so much importance to CBSE boards. Interestingly, students with 150 marks are foraying into NITs while students with 180 or 190 in JEE-Main are in sheer dismay.

This highly controversial change will affect standards of NITs in the long run by decreasing the quality of engineers in the college premises.

However, the change has been implemented effectively and is being followed by NITs. We only believe that the decision taken by education ministry yields benefits in the favor of the deserving student, sooner or later.

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