JEE-Main 2014 Haunted JEE-Candidates—Tougher Than Last Year Just because JEE-Mains 2014 is finally over doesn’t mean that the horrors of JEE-candidates are over. Post-JEE-Exam stress is on prowl. But what is really haunting for most students is the JEE-Main 2014 paper itself. They say it was tougher than the previous year paper.

“The paper was very tough. In fact, it was tougher than the JEE Advanced 2013 paper. I cracked JEE Mains and missed JEE Advanced by a few marks, last year. But looking at the difficulty level this year, I don’t know what’s going to happen, “said Praful Gupta who took JEE-Main 2014 examination on April 6th, 2014.

An apparent disappointment on the faces of many students could be seen right after the exam. Difficulty level of the exam was way too high.
“There is a striking difference between last year’s and this year’s paper, if the difficulty level is to be compared. I missed JEE advanced by 40 marks last year and I am really tensed this year too after attempting the exam,” Shivam Negi, one of the JEE candidates was quoted as saying.

However, another group of students believes that questions were not difficult. They were just tricky.
“No such surprises in the paper but there were tricky questions in Chemistry,” said Swati.
Students found chemistry to be easiest while physics was moderate. Mathematics was the toughest.
“There were a lot of surprises in the paper. But what I liked the most was that questions in Chemistry were easier than expected,” said Shivi, a JEE candidate.

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