How to Prepare for KVYP in Class 11th?

What is KVPY?

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana or KVPY is funded by the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India. KVPY is a scholarship program originated to boost students who want to pursue research in the areas of medicine, engineering, and basic sciences.

For all the participating students, winning the KVPY is like a proof of their research orientation and hard work, which is recognized internationally. But not just that, it also and helps them get a healthy sum of Rs.64, 000 for their career, alongside with the experience of amazing KVPY camps.

KVPY is an exam that checks your basic logical concepts. KVPY exam for class 11th comes under the category of SA Stream. This exam is conducted in two stages-

  1. Written Round
  2. Interview Round

The main focus here should be on the Written Round as it carries 75% of the total weightage.

Gearing Up for KVPY

So now the question arise, “how to go about it?’ I am assuming here that many of you would have also joined JEE coaching classes being in class 11th.

So, to be ready for KVPY, you will have to start with the basics. And that is – Master your NCERT books! No rocket science here, basic is basic!

You must know that the KVPY exam includes negative marking and multi- correct type questions as well, which may be new to you, so you should be well prepared for it otherwise there is no use putting in so much of efforts and not performing well in the exam.

Now let us move on and discuss each subject in length-

Physics – Most students get shocked looking at the physics part as they go deep into the subject matter. But that is not what is required in KVPY. Here the questions are primarily based on checking how strong your basics are, so expect more questions on general physics. Here you may need to practically put the question in the situation to arrive at the answer. So right from the very beginning start thinking about the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’. Few topics like Optics and Electrodynamics of 12th are very important. Remember to prepare from NCERT.

Chemistry – For Chemistry also, you need to study from NCERT of 11th standard robustly. It is definitely going to come handy, especially for Organic Chemistry part. Also, prepare thoroughly the basics of Inorganic Chemistry. There might be a couple of questions from Inorganic Chemistry of Class 12th, but get into that only if you are aiming for the top slots. Rest you can let them go if you want to focus more on other areas and are running a time crunch.

Maths – I would like to reinforce at the mention of the subject, that maths is going to be the decider! Here the questions can be logical, as well as real lengthy. General Maths is what you are supposed to thoroughly prepare and this is one subject where you have to have a mastery on. There are no important topics which I can suggest, you have to go through everything in your syllabus. Go on solving the paper by eliminating values and deriving at the answer. Try and do more and more question papers to get a hang of what to expect, as far as Maths is considered.

Biology – If you are someone who hates Biology or finds it too difficult or dull or a drag, then it’s time for you to rejoice. Biology is going to be the easiest here. Don’t believe me? Check out previous years’ question papers! Here it is more or less Class 11th Biology. Just remember what you have studied in till now in the earlier classes. Go through class 11 NCERT well. Revise topics like Immunity, Evolution, heredity etc. Also, while you study all this, remember the biological terminologies, which is going to be really important.

Hence, the bottom line is –Know your basics, be clear with your logics!

Special Tip: Maintain a moderate speed during the exam. Do not take too much time to ponder over each question. Remember that it’s the basics you are going to portray.

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