This year Class 10  board exams will commence from 4th May 2021 and will end on 10th June 2021. This two-month delay is a sign of relief for many students yet, those willing to appear in JEE/NEET 2023 are worried. Students are confused about when they should start their JEE/NEET preparations and how they should manage their board exams and JEE/NEET preparations together. askIITians has planned to solve all these recurring queries of Class 10 students with an exclusive FUSION PROGRAM where students can prepare for Class 10 board exams along with JEE/NEET without any hassle.

What is FUSION Program?

Fusion Program is a chance for Class 10 students to begin their JEE/NEET 2023 preparations on time in February, without affecting their board exam preparations. The Fusion program begins from 1st Feb 2021 and will continue until JEE/NEET 2023! The program is designed in such a way that students will be able to revise all Class 10 syllabus, gear up for Class 11 and set the right foundation for JEE/NEET. 

Let’s see what our expert has to say our the program:

Exclusive Features of FUSION Program

The whole fusion program is divided into 4 Phases, where each phase caters to making your learning effective and powerful. 

Phase 1 [1st Feb 2021 – 21st Feb 2021]: In this phase, students will focus on Class 10 board exams preparations. They will study important questions and revise all Class 10 concepts. Along with this, students will get exclusive career guidance, so that they can choose the right path. 

Phase 2 [22nd Feb 2021 – 10th Apr 2021]: This phase is known as JEE NURTURE PROGRAM where students will be introduced to the JEE/NEET exam pattern. They will be taught the topics that they have already studied in Class 10 but will study them at an advanced level in Class 11. 

Phase 3 [11th Apr 2021 – 30th Apr 2021]: It is the time before your board exams. So this phase will cater towards extensive board exam revision along with solving previous year papers. There will be special doubt removal sessions too! 

Phase 4: [15th Jun 2021 – JEE 2023]: This phase is known as the JEE EXTENSIVE GUIDANCE PROGRAM. Here, you will receive guidance from IITians on how to prepare for JEE/NEET. AskIITians team will provide you with extensive study resources such as practice questions, rank booster test series and more! 

Why join the FUSION Program in February? 

Joining Fusion Program by askIITians in February will be beneficial for students in multiple ways: 

  • Smooth Transition to Class 11: It will give you more than 50 days to bridge the gap between Class 10 and Class 11 and train yourself well for Class 11. 
  • More Self Study: You will get more time for self-study for JEE/NEET which will enhance your confidence and make you more competitive for the entrance exams. 
  • Special Classes: You can clear all your doubts about Class 10 in the doubt removal session and establish a strong base for Class 11 as well as JEE preparations. 
  • Find your Comfort Zone: You will have enough time to settle into the online learning environment, set up a strong study schedule, know your teachers and familiarise yourself with the askIITians environment. 

A delay of two months in beginning your JEE/NEET preparations can cause more hassle in your study routine. You will not only get lesser days for Class 11 preparations but also no time to bridge the gap between Class 10 and Class 11. And so, your JEE/NEET preparations would suffer! 

So why not set the foot on the right path today and make your learning process smooth for the coming academic years? The whole askIITians team is here to help you ace your Class 10 board exams. So you need not worry about lagging in school at all. Join the FUSION Program right now and find more time to study for Class 10 and Class 11 both!  So register now for the Fusion Program and start your preparation.

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