Another year of exuberant participation in GRIP and exhibition of creativity through various activities!

With outstanding submissions from all the participants, it becomes really difficult to choose the best from them. But congratulating everyone for their participation, with heavy heart, GRIP announces the chosen top activities from them all.

Biology Activity

Solve the Jumbled Genes

How do you think you came into this world looking like one of your family members? Oh wait, you have so many similarities to your siblings too. Well, how did that happen?

You already read about DNA in IX grade, right? Guess you have all the necessary information then. Let’s see how you handle this task.

Answer these questions- What is Inheritance & how do you inherit characters?

That’s not it! Now paste a family photo and list out all the features and traits that you have inherited from your parents and grandparents. 



Multiple Level Inheritance

Best Performer

Chemistry Activity

Science Behind Freezing

Sodium chloride solution freezes at lower temperature than water but boils at higher temperature than water ?


Why is it advised to add ethylene glycol to water in car radiators while driving in a hill station?


Why is camphor preferred as a solvent for measuring the molar mass of naphthalene by Rast method?


Sodium chloride or calcium chloride is used to clear snow from the roads. Why?



This week’s activity is very interesting and is about salt water freezing point. Have you ever wondered why people pour salt on icy sidewalks ,to make this snow melt? Usually the result is a big pile of slime made of melted snow  and ice crystal. Is something magical about salt?


Let’s try this experiment…..!

Material required: 

  1. 2 paper cups

  2. Salt

  3. Water

  4. Ice cubes


-Take two cups of water.
-Place about a tablespoon of salt in one of the cups.
-Place both cups in the freezer and check them every 10 minutes.
-You can notice the cup of water without salt freezes first.
-Now take two ice cubes out of the freezers, place the ice cubes in separate places and sprinkle salt on one ice cube which ice cube will melt first , the ice cubes with salt melt first.

  • Write about what is happening.

  • In this activity, perform all the experiments  at home and analyze the experiment. Some attachment related to the experiment could be great!

Best Performers

Physics Activity

The Mystery of Light


Enough of theoretical studies !!  It’s time for practicality and building things that a real intrigued science student would love to do.


This activity will expose you to the experimental way of understanding a phenomenon for the first time. This will also help you out in the future in not shying away from trying out an experiment by building the apparatus yourself and will be highly conducive in developing a research oriented thought process.


“Light is a phenomena keeping science in dark”– It’s time to see this yourself


  • Make “Single Slit” and “Double Slit” experiments at your home and observe the result yourself.  

  • You need to articulate your observations and tabularize the measurement like the variation in the separation between the bright spots by moving the laser light away from the screen(wall in your case). A blueprint of such a table is as follows.


Distance between screen and laser

Distance between bright spots

1 m

2 mm

2 m

1.5 cm

Best Performer

Mathematics Activity

A Game of Probability

There is a one day cricket match between India and Australia . The team management wants to analyze what kind of probability and statistical data they might require to research (strengths & weakness of) their opponent players. After careful consideration, they came up with the following points:

  • What is the probability of winning if we bat first and also if we bowled first?

  • What is the probability of rain, sunny day and other factors?

  • What is the probability of winning the toss and choosing to bat or bowl first?

  • According to different weather/pitch conditions, which batsman scored and which bowler took wickets or conceded less runs and what will be the batting line up, etc.

  • Using statistical data of the past performance of different players, what is the probability of a batsman putting up a good score and a bowler striking on a regular basis?

Considering these points and many more before the match certainly provides an advantage to the team.

Now, think about them and create an activity using statistics and probability in any sport of your choice showing how these two play a major role in the game. Give an example for each type of probability you considered.

Best Performer

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