10th International Competitive Aptitude Test (iCAT)

Do you dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor? Are you planning to begin your JEE or NEET preparations soon? Do you have a plan on how to study for these tough entrance exams and make your dreams come true? 

We all know that cracking JEE and NEET is no cakewalk! It requires strategy, skills and continuous determination. If you lack any one of these, you might not be able to achieve the rank you desire.

iCAT (International Competitive Aptitude Test) by askIITians will help you set the right foot for entrance tests like JEE and NEET

What is iCAT?

iCAT helps you build a roadmap to success for JEE and NEET

iCAT is an aptitude test that will determine the benchmark where you stand amongst the millions of students across India and overseas. It will help you identify the learning gaps between your current aptitude and the standard aptitude required to crack exams like JEE and NEET. Then, you can leverage this knowledge to bridge your learning gaps.

Features of iCAT

Test Your Aptitude

iCAT helps you test whether you have the right aptitude for competitive exams

Rank Predictor

Based on your iCAT scores, our rank predictor will predict your potential rank in competitive exams like JEE and NEET

International Ranking

International Ranking: Know where you stand amongst millions of other students of your age 

Assessment Report

Get a detailed report highlighting your strong and weak areas for better preparation for competitive exams 

Students Who Can Apply

If you are a student willing to appear in JEE, NEET or any similar entrance tests then this exam is a must for you! All Grade 5 students (moving to Grade 6) up to all Grade 11 students (moving to Grade 12) can take this test. We encourage students to take this exam every year so that they can track their learning progress.

Syllabus for iCAT

Grades Syllabus
Grade 5 (moving to Grade 6) Full syllabus Grade 5
Grade 6 (moving to Grade 7) Full syllabus Grade 6
Grade 7 (moving to Grade 8) Full syllabus Grade 7
Grade 8 (moving to Grade 9) Full syllabus Grade 8
Grade 9 (moving to Grade 10) Full syllabus Grade 9
Grade 10 (moving to Grade 11) Full syllabus Grade 10
Grade 11 Engineering (moving to Grade 12) Full syllabus Grade 11
Grade 11 Medical (moving to Grade 12) Full syllabus Grade 11

Exciting prizes For You

The askIITians team always acknowledges the young talent. This is why we have kept an exciting range of prizes for our achievers that will support them in their studies.

Position Prize
First Laptop
Second Tablet
Third Smart Watch
Top 20 Winners Smart Band 

This isn't it! We have more for you!

askIITians will offer exclusive scholarships up to 100%  to our iCAT rank holders. Students can enrol in our online courses and start their journey to crack the most prestigious entrance tests of India with our faculty.

When Will iCAT be Conducted?

Date: 25th April 2021

Time: 5:00 PM IST

You are left with just a few days to register for the test. So hurry up! Register yourself today. Even if you are slightly unsure about being a doctor or an engineer, taking this test will help you make a final decision.

“Success comes to those who will and dare.”
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