Demystifying the Relationships at IITs through an IITian’s WaySo, guys, how many relationships at IIT do you think work forever?

First of all, to think of a long-lasting relationship at IIT is to think of blooming roses in a scorching desert.

Besides, there’s no possibility for development of relationships amongst alligators at IITs who only believe in clawing off their counterparts ruthlessly to secure their fat-package jobs.

However, there have been instances of on and off relationships at IITs that have drawn my attention to the core problem—why not relationships at IITs last forever?

Survival of any relationship anywhere entirely depends on the nature of people involved in it. And the hunt for an ideal relationship among IIT girls kicks off by expectations to seek Brad Pitt in their male partners while guys seem readily available to hunt just any girl available—Koi Bhi Chalegi Bhai. Mile Toh Yaar!

So to say such over-the-top expectations die soon leading to disastrous endings of relationships. Well, such full-of-expectation relationships are mostly found among guys and girls in their very first years. These kids seriously have no idea about what relationship is all about and what it really takes to work a relationship going through ups and downs of times. Their only source of inspiration for jumping into just any relationship recklessly is melodramatic romantic Bollywood flicks especially those starring King Khan.

But still girls are far better when it comes to playing safe. Guys who keep chanting slogans of Koi Bhi Chalegi become Majnu every time a hot girl passes by them. I have personally known guys saying, “Dikhti Itni Acchi Hai Toh…Dil Kitna Accha Hoga.”

Cupid’s arrow pierced through my young heart once and every other organ that would make feel productive. I was more popular than Salman Khan in my college, which is why my girlfriend was stuck to me like a Chipkali. Things soon began to turn sour once she got a job and I was still struggling for one.

Duniya Bhar ki Sunaadi Bhai when I asked her to help improve my CV.

“NTSE Nahi Kiya. STSE Bhi Nahi Kiya. Kuch Kiya Bhi Hain Tumne School Mein!”

Mera Dil Toot Gaya!Demystifying the Relationships at IITs through an IITian’s Way

She soon found another guy in her company.

Well my personal experience is that graduation teaches you more stark realities about people’s nature at IIT. This is when their real nature is tested.

Whoever said that “all that glitters is not gold” would’ve surely been in a relationship like mine.

But interestingly, whoever had a whiff of my relationship with this girl in IIT was secretly envying me. So l would like to tell all of them today that “please, don’t envy me or anyone like me for at least this reason.”

These types of relationships are nothing but Bheje Ki Bhurji.

Let me tell you exactly why.

Right one night before majors, she was crying endlessly for no reason and I was there by her side trying to calm her down. I thought it was my Dharma to be with her. Of course, I hadn’t studied a single word and she too said so. After some time I went back to my hostel to get some sleep without any regret, thinking that at least I would have somebody to share my failure with.

But the poor the girl got 94/100 and I, obviously, flunked the exam. When I asked how did she manage to clear the exam she confronted me by saying that I never used to study anyway so the failure should have not bothered me.

I had my heart broken beyond repair. Her career took off before mine. And I’m still happy for her.

I will rather say that the campus life is one big opportunity to explore yourself in almost all areas of your life. This is about observing others, experiencing things, and philosophizing odds. You can achieve everything in your life only when your mind is free—especially, free of commitments.

Remember if your relationship starts affecting your important areas of life, then you are into something really terrible.
This post was published by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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