Biggest Misconceptions Indians have about India!We Indians are prone to close our eyes to so many facts of India. We simply refuse to see things right in front of us and form our own image of our Motherland. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions Indians have about India:

  • I am Good. You are Good. It’s the System that is Corrupt.

When Arvind Kejriwal gave the call to end the corruption, many laughed off the idea. Indians tend to believe that they are honest and if they give or take bribe, it’s only because the System forces them to do so.

We offer bribe to the policeman at the drop of a hat to avoid giving fine for not having the Driver’s License. Hopefully, we will open our eyes and things will change.

  • Whites are racists while India is a land of tolerance.

How can India be a land of tolerance when we discriminate against our own people? Every South India is a ‘Madrasi’ and everyone from North East is a ‘Chinki’.

  • India is the Land of Enlightenment and the world should respect us for that.

And yet, we go abroad at the first chance and then complain about hygiene and road conditions here. What do we do to earn the respect in other people’s eyes?

  • India will soon become a Superpower.

This is still a distant dream…not going to happen until we stop demanding dowry and stop frowning upon inter-caste marriages and people of lower caste.

  • Throwing one more plastic wrapper on the road doesn’t make a difference.

We can never have clean roads until we stop spitting on them and adding to all that dirtiness.

  • Hockey is our national sport. Hindi is our national language.

In response to an RTI, the Indian Ministry responded that ‘Hockey is not our national game.’ Similarly, the Court responded to a PIL by stating that ‘Hindi is not our national language. So, you can put these two notions to rest.

  • Aryabhatta and other ancient sages have done enough to make up for lack of technological advancements of the country today.

That’s so not true. It’s time we nurture our talent and promote innovation.

  • We are the most cultured country on the planet. We worship and respect our women. It’s the Western Culture that is corrupting us.

Our culture is put to shame every time out boys go out and ogle at, hoot or catcall at girls who wear skirts or anything less traditional in nature. And that’s the tamest of our shameful conduct!

  • We are a democracy in essence. Narendra Modi has a magic wand to wipe off all our problems. Congress loves Muslim. BJP loves Hindus. Mayawati is the sole savior of Scheduled Castes. One vote doesn’t matter.

And all these comes fundas come from people who never go out to cast their vote. They have never gone through party manifestos and have no idea about ground reality.

  • If you are an IITian, you are the best Engineer. If you are from IIM, you are the best manager.  Entrepreneurs are people who failed to get a job or were fired from one.

These are all misconceptions. Only those who have a passion for what they do, achieve success.

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