askIITians GRIP(Global Rendering of Intellectuals Program) Activity Result -(2019-20) Grade 8

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

askiitians totally believe this. We are doing our part and succeeding through it.
We would like to thank you all for making GRIP a successful venture. We are really happy to see the exuberance you showed towards this program which was quite evident from the large participation from students across the globe. We promised that the best performers in various activities will be given a felicitation by making their names appear on our blog. So here we are presenting you the same.

Welcome Activity

Article Writing

Read About various exams like Sahastra Pratibha, NSO, IMO, etc., and submit an article having information about exams, eligibility and cutoffs, number of candidates participating each year, various levels, and other relevant information. The best article will also be published on the askIITians website. It should not be copy-pasted. Try to read first and then write in your own language so that it retains in your mind and this is gonna be very useful for the next level.

The best 3 articles will be published on the askIITians website. 

  • It should not be copy-pasted. 
  • Try to read first and then write in your own language so that it retains in your mind and this is going to be very useful for the next level.

Best Performers

Physics Activity 1

Flaws of Physics in Cartoons


  • To collect clippings of cartoons, animated movies, and mainstream movies that show the violation of laws of Physics
  • To explain the phenomenon violated therein


We have all grown up watching cartoons and animated series. Besides being a great source of entertainment, they have(knowingly or unknowingly) given us a lot of knowledge. Similarly, a number of movies that we have seen have a lot to learn from. 

However, this task is focused on spotting all things that must ‘not be learned’ from them. On the basis of knowledge of Physics already acquired, the participant is supposed to spot scenes in the movies/ cartoons where violation of some physical phenomenon is observed. The video clippings or pictures are then supposed to be provided with the name of the physical phenomenon being violated along with a description of how it is being violated.

As an example, the above screenshot is from a series of cartoons called ‘Looney Tunes’. It shows that the character named ‘Wile E. Coyote’ remains stationary in the air for some time before it starts falling down. The participant should show the picture/video clip of the phenomenon as shown above and describe it as following- 

Name of Phenomenon Violated– Law of Gravitation

Description The character named Wile E. Coyote falls after a delay of around 2 seconds. But according to the law of gravitation, as soon as Wile E. Coyote leaves contact with the ground, due to gravitational force acting on him, he will start falling instantaneously without any delay for a single moment.


The participant will be evaluated on the following parameters-

  • Number of violated physical phenomena spotted 
  • The variety of the physical phenomenon spotted in different clippings
  • The clarity of description of the phenomena, specifying what is physically happening and what should have happened instead


Submit the report with the help of the submission link provided with the activity link.

Best Performer

Maths Activity 2



To explain the application of mathematics in daily life


When you type any alphabet say on your mobile keypad have you ever wondered from where do those suggestions appear on top? That’s reverse probability.

Do you know the role of the appropriate amount of ingredients to make food tastier? We refer it as a recipe. How do you estimate the time of travel, knowing the speed? These are a few questions that can easily be helped with using mathematics. Similarly, there are a lot of aspects where we use mathematics knowingly or unknowingly.

In this activity, students have to explain the use of mathematics in their daily life from narrow to broader aspects. Try to pick applications from day to day life and illustrate with the help of pictures, videos, diagrams, etc.


The participant will be evaluated on the following parameters-

  • Number of applications they have spotted
  • The variety of the concept spotted in different daily-works
  • The clarity of the description of the concept, specifying what is physically happening and how it involves mathematics.

Best Performers

Biology activity 3

Perform any biology experiment at home.

You need to perform an experiment that demonstrates the biological process and take pictures of the results.
Write down →

  1. Your observations
  2. Results and conclusion explaining why it happened

The participant would be evaluated on the basis of experimental results and the best explanation of the process.

For instance :
Learning the process of osmosis with Raisins in water and sugar water.

Observation :

  1. Weight of dry raisins = W1.
  2. Weight of swollen raisins =W2.
  3. Weight of the water absorbed by raisins = W2 W1.
  4. Percentage (%) of water absorbed by raisins = W2 W1/W1— 100.

Result :
The soaked swollen raisins weigh more than the dry raisins. This is because the raisins absorbed water by the process of endosmosis.


Best Performer

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