75378-TrollFaceOne day, while having coffee, one guy asked the other: “So, how is your relationship with your new girlfriend going on?”

Guy 2: Oh I forgot to mention, she came to my house yesterday!

Guy 1: Really?!! What happened then? Tell me the full story!

Guy 2: Well… I played her favourite music and then we danced to it.

Guy 1: And then??

Guy 2: As the dance progressed, we started kissing each other…

Guy 1: Then? Don’t stop, go on!

Guy 2: Then I picked her up in my arms and put her on the table next to my new laptop…

Guy 1: What??!! You got a New Laptop? When?? You didn’t tell me! 

Guy 2: Yes, yes! Just last week. My parents gifted me that!

Guy 1: Wow!! That sounds awesome! Tell me the configuration dude!

Guy 2: 1TB  harddisk, 8 GB ram, 2.3GHz processor…

Guy 1: Hey, does it have an HDMI port?

Guy 2: Yes!

Guy 1: And a blu-ray burner?

Guy 2: Yes, that too!

Guy 1: AWESOME DUDE!!! This is the best you can ever get! You lucky chap!

😀 😛

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