Tips to get through IIT JEE 2014 in 6 months
Tips to get through IIT JEE 2014 in 6 months

Are you worried about not having sufficient time for the IIT JEE preparation? Here we come to your rescue. Follow the below listed 5 tips to realize your dream of getting through IIT JEE in a short span of 6 months:

(1) Start at the moment!

It’s high time you make your own timetable and follow it as much as possible. Have a clear vision and practice as much as possible. Don’t waste a second.

(2) Enhance your skills!

Basics lay the groundwork and it is very essential to have clear concepts. Once the foundation is good rest everything will be fine. You must be well versed with the chief formulas and theories in all three i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Math. The curriculum can be managed with hard work.

(3) Optimum utilization of available resources!

Studying in an organized manner is of utmost importance. Cover your class notes and the prescribed textbooks of IIT JEE 2014. Once done with that, you may refer some online video lectures. But don’t refer too much books as it might lead to confusion.

(4) Practice previous papers

Once the preparation is done, solving the 10 years papers is also important. It gives you an idea about the pattern of questions asked and the level of difficulty too. It also helps you feel confident and teaches you how to tackle questions within the prescribed time limit.

(5) Enhance your speed

It is very essential to manage your speed at this juncture. Regular practice will enhance your analytical skills and you will be able to deal with the questions quickly. Remember, thorough knowledge with an average speed can be dangerous.

Keep it in mind that IIT JEE 2014 is just another exam. Do not over pressurize yourself and don’t leave hope at any point. Just give your best!
This post was written by Aditya Singhal, managing director of askIITians.

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