NEET 2020 has been rescheduled to September 3 now. The COVID-19 lockdown is still going on for students. It means that you cannot go to your NEET coaching class as you used to do earlier. Schools and colleges are closed too. At such a time, online classes and learning from apps are the best options NEET aspirants can benefit from. Even students enrolled in traditional NEET coaching providers are now learning online, taking practice tests online, or asking their doubts from their teachers using online channels.

askIITians is one of the pioneer high-quality NEET online coaching providers. Our experts provide you some excellent tips on how to prepare for NEET while keeping yourself safe from the Corona crisis:

Use apps to avoid distractions ~ Ahuja Ma’am

When you are studying online, your social media feeds or messages, WhatsApp notifications, or YouTube videos can be your biggest distractions. You cannot switch off your mobile or laptop because you need to take a live stream class or remain connected to the Internet to be able to watch a recorded video lecture but you can always use apps to block the websites and apps temporarily for the duration of your study session. Some of the best apps for this purpose are:

  • Freedom is a free-to-use application that you can use to be more productive during the time you study. 
  • Google Chrome users can use the free app called StayFocusd to fight the temptation to browse. It is highly customizable. You can set the time limit, a specific time of the day, or specific days in this app. 
  • If you are an avid gamer or an environmentalist at heart, try the mobile app called Forest. Plant a virtual tree when you begin your study session. As long as you study, it will keep growing. But if you check your social media, it dies. If you study for the full session, the tree will get added to your virtual forest. My students love it. It also plays ambient sounds (like rain forest sounds) to help you concentrate better.
  • Google Keep is for people who can’t stop new thoughts and ideas pouring in. If a new question pops up which is not connected to the current topic but seems important to you, note it down in this app and revisit it later. It will help you focus on what you are studying at the moment and not get side-tracked.

Access the best study material online. ~ Madaan Sir

askIITians is an authentic website that offers you free as well as paid study material, video lectures, mock test papers, and past years’ papers that can be incredibly handy in your NEET preparation. We also have an app that you can download on the phone easily.

Other websites and apps for NEET you may want to try are Toppr, Physics Galaxy, Biology NEET Inspection, Darwin – NEET 2020 Preparation, Aakash iTutor, and NEET Practice.

You may also subscribe to askIITians YouTube channel. Unacademy, Khan Academy, and Exam Fear Education are some other YouTube channels that can help NEET aspirants.

Don’t waste time in taking notes during online lectures ~ Javeed Ma’am

Online video lectures are recorded and you can visit and re-visit them as many times as you like. Hence, it does not make sense to try and pen every word a lecturer says online. Instead, pay attention to the class. If you are attending a live class, participate in it actively. Like a normal classroom, virtual classrooms are also more fruitful when students show active participation in the class.

Keep a pen and paper with you. If a teacher asks you to solve a numerical, you will need them. Otherwise, you can always listen to a lecture with full concentration and make notes later.

Many students think that no one is seeing them when they are attending online NEET preparation classes. But online teachers can see you just as you can see your teachers – through webcams. If you shut down your camera, the attention you get your teacher will get minimized too. Your attention, gestures, facial expressions, and responses are all important clues for us to guess how well you have understood a topic. 

Here are some good revision note-making practices you should try:

  • Make notes in A4 sized sheets instead of a notebook. You can take these sheets anywhere and revise them whenever it’s convenient for you. Or you may use popular note-taking apps like EverNote for the purpose.
  • Do not copy text from the textbook. Instead, write it in your own words in the language you are comfortable in. It makes notes easier to understand and revise.
  • Highlight important points or formulae in different colors. 
  • If your teacher mentions something twice or more in an online lecture, highlight it. Teachers often repeat points they think are important.

Do not forget to stretch your legs from time-to-time. Sitting on your desk all the time or on your bed is never a good idea – even if you are preparing for NEET. A 5-minute break after studying for half an hour and a 10-minute break after another half hour is a good idea. Our NEET coaching experts do not recommend you to study for more than 2-3 hours in one sitting. And not squeeze more than 2-3 such sessions in a day. You are getting trained to be a doctor. Learning time management skills during your NEET preparation will be a good start for your future career.

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