Any competitive exam requires months of preparation and even a single silly mistake can cost you a lot, considering the amount and level of competition. But sometimes we are so concerned about covering the syllabus and counting the days left for main exam that we almost forget about few simple mistakes that we do. So I have listed top seven of those mistakes that you should avoid doing:


Ignoring the basics

For any competitive exam clearing the basics and building a foundation before you start with the higher level topics is must. And in case of NEET exam, class-11 syllabus serves as a perfect foundation for those higher-level topics that you are aiming to cover.


Not taking enough mock tests

Practice makes a Man and even Woman perfect. And even after having access to number of free or paid practice papers and test many of us do not take advantage of them, the reason, well it’s just because of that big word called “laziness”. These mock tests and practice tests not only make you understand the importance of time management but highlights your weak points and helps in boosting the confidence.


Avoiding difficult and long questions

We human beings have a tendency of avoiding difficulties, be in a situation or question. But this simply doesn’t mean that the questions that you avoided will not come in the exam. So, stop avoiding and start attempting.


Disturbing your sleep pattern

We all know that important these competitive exams are and they are worth sacrificing a few nights of sleep. But what we forget to do is to get back to our normal sleeping pattern a few days before examination. As a sleepless night just before the examination will hamper your concentration during the exam and this is actually one of the most common mistakes done by students.


Discussing the syllabus just before the examination

Yes, I agree that we all try to cover to cover the maximum that we can before the examination but cross checking it just before the examination is a strict “No”. This may confuse you, shake your confidence and may bring to a panicking situation. So, kindly avoid it and have faith in your preparation.


Doubting your preparation

I know this one is the most commonly heard statement but you should have confidence in your preparation. If you have been dedicated enough and worked really hard for the exam then you will achieve success. Doubting your abilities and your preparation have never been a good idea and will never be.

That’s all for now and I’ll be surely back with some more tips next time. Till then this is Abhishek saying BYE..

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