Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is conducting NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) this Sunday i.e. 7th May, 2017 in paper and pen mode. The national level exam for medical entrance will be conducted across 104 cities and 2200 examination centers. With just few hours left for the exam, it is important for the aspirants to know about the basic guidelines given by CBSE as it is very specific about the debarred items and what can be carried inside.


  • Entry Time: Candidates will start entering examination center at 7:30AM and late entry after 9:30AM is not allowed. Candidates are thus advised to reach within prescribed time. Following is the time table that will be followed on the day of exam:


  • Dress Code: Following are the guidelines issues by CBSE regarding the dress code:

    Candidates should wear half sleeves top or shirt, full sleeves are not allowed.
    2. Clothes should be of light colour, dark coloured clothes are not allowed.
    3. Candidates are suppose to wear slippers or sandals, shoes or socks are not allowed.
    4. They should also avoid wearing any ornament such as bracelet, necklace, metallic accessory, etc.


  • Barred Items: Following are the items barred in the examination centers:

    Textual material (written or printed) in any form or mode
    2. Stationary items such as pen, pencil, geometry box, calculator, log table, eraser, writing pad, etc.
    3. Communication devices such as mobile, pager, health band, earphones, Bluetooth device, etc.
    4. Watches, ornaments, goggles, handbags, hair pins, amulets, belt, scarfs, any metal accessory.


  • Allowed items: Following are the allowed items and mandatory to be carried:

    NEET 2017 admit Card, passport size photograph should be affixed on it.
    2. One passport size photograph to affix on attendance sheet
    3. One postcard size photograph to affix on Performa, the photograph should be 4X6 with white background. It should not be taken earlier than 1st January 2017. Name of candidate along with date on which photograph was taken should be mentioned on it.


These were the basic guidelines issued form CBSE but apart from that I would like to give you some of personal guidelines as well like:

  • Read all instructions carefully before starting the exam
  • Be careful while marking response and fill the circles properly
  • Mark the answers about which you are sure of as each wrong answer will earn you -1 mark
  • Solve the simple questions first
  • And, do not carry any barred item inside the examination hall.
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