US Secretary of State, John Kerry visited the elite Indian Institute of Technology campus in New Delhi on July 31 ahead of his high level meetings seeking to boost relations with the new government. ‘Excellent’ and ‘very exciting’ were the two words used by Kerry on his visit to the two laboratories- Applied Microbiology Laboratory and Bio-process lab at the prestigious campus, who is here for the 5th Indo-US Strategic Dialogue.

The Director of IIT Delhi, Professor R K Shevgaonkar, said that the American embassy had specifically mentioned the laboratories that Kerry wanted to visit.
Kerry interacted with the students there and asked a number of questions about the processes involved, patent system, the education fees and also if they would get a job in India or would they have to go out.
On seeing a research project on bio-degradable plastic, Kerry remarked, “It would be a huge contribution to the world. This is very exciting!”
Kunal Gupta, a member of the project team, said he was proud that Kerry visited his institute. He also added, “Researches have been done by the US on this which are far ahead of us and Kerry’s visit to the institute makes us feel very proud. I am honoured to be part of an institute which is recognised in the US also.”

Later Kerry also visited the lab which was using algae to clean water and to produce biomass.

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