Why JEE-ADVANCED Toppers Cannot Perform Well in JEE-MAIN?Before giving admission to any student, most educational institutions across the world make it a point to evaluate skills of students through a variety of competitive exams. These competitive exams help an educational institution acknowledge students’ understanding of concepts, sharpness of mind, logical ability, and their intelligence.

One such competitive exam that has garnered huge prominence after JEE-ADVANCED in the country is JEE-MAIN or All India Engineering Entrance Examination. JEE-MAIN is the test given by engineering aspirants for a seat in any of the government engineering institutes in India.

Let’s go through a couple of key features of success in JEE-MAIN:

Clear Understanding of Concepts

JEE-MAIN hold great significance for engineering aspirants. But they should not forget that there is almost no difference between JEE-MAIN and CBSE exams. Just like CBSE exams, the key to success in JEE-MAIN depends on your understanding of concepts. Speed and accuracy are two other important features for the success in JEE-MAIN.


NCERT Books are the bible of success in any competitive exams and CBSE boards.  All questions in JEE-MAIN are based on problems in your NCERT books. So just don’t miss any question that you may find trivial. Learn ‘exceptions’ by heart, make notes, and revise them thoroughly.

Practice previous years Papers

For success in any competitive exam, it is important to practice previous years’ paper and, also, examine the pattern of papers thoroughly. Observe the time taken by you to complete the paper. Do not forget to check your accuracy rate after the paper.

Don’t focus on just one aspect while solving previous years’ sample papers. You should also check on both theory and the numerical part.


It has been found that many JEE-ADVANCED toppers struggle to perform well in JEE-MAIN. The key reason behind this is the fact that JEE-ADVANCED is all about building concepts and proper application of the concepts while JEE-MAIN is all about speed and accuracy. Your success in JEE depends a lot on your command on basics and efficiency to solve complicated questions. On the other hand, your success in JEE-MAIN depends a lot on your understanding of entire syllabus, tricks to answer questions quickly, and your memorizing ability.


There are a lot of things in common between JEE-MAIN and CBSE board exams. In fact, students can prepare for both at one time. The only difference between them is that CBSE focuses more on theory while JEE-MAIN has numerical based-approach. Obviously, solving a numerical part is rather easy after you have honed your skills in theory.

This post was published by Rakesh Singh, The product head at askIITians and an IIT- Delhi and IIM-Kozhikode alumni.

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