When an IITian Got Stuck in a Traffic Jam on His Exam Day—the Traffic Horrors With each passing day in India, space to even walk on roads is shrinking. People are misusing their financial freedom to buy more and more means of transport recklessly for their personal daily use. This is wreaking havoc on entire Indian traffic system. The situation has gone worse over the past few years. Not even emergency vehicles like ambulance get ways easily now.

In fact, people are not good at giving ways to such emergency vehicles either. There is no way an ambulance can get out of the traffic jam in India. I learned it all the hard way during my stay in IIT-Delhi.

I had an important exam engineering exam that day. My uncle was driving me to the examination center when we our car got stock in a ruthless traffic jam. The traffic was moving at a snail’s pace. There was an ambulance a few vehicles behind me with its siren on. It was an emergency siren and still nobody was giving it the way. The jam went on for more 500 meters and with that pace, ambulance would have taken entire night to come out of the jam. I asked my uncle to change the lane and shut-off the engine.  I stepped out of the car, stood straight and confident right in the middle of the traffic jam.  I directed all the vehicles in the fast lane to move to slower lanes. I kept running with the ambulance, signaling vehicles blocking its way to shift to slower lanes immediately. And to my surprise, we came out of the traffic jam in a matter of a minute. I went back to my car and turned it on.

I did not miss my exam that day either due to my unforgettable bravery.

However, the most surprising thing was that nobody honked at me when I pulled up in the middle of the road. I guess they all knew what I was trying to do. All cars were giving ways for the ambulance when I was signaling them to. I really feel proud to have done this myself. We all want to be good and take initiative. All we need is a little push.
This post is contributed by Samresh Upadhyay, an IIT-Delhi Alumni.You can also participate in “My Story in My Words” Contest and win Exciting Prizes.

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