IIT JEE- Chalk out your plan of the last three months!
IIT JEE- Chalk out your plan of the last three months!

As the IIT-JEE exam approaches, it is accompanied by fretfulness and restlessness of students. They are always in a dilemma as to how to make the best possible utilization of time. Those in the 12th standard are the most perplexed lot as they find it difficult to manage the boards along with the entrances. We enlist below some of the ways to smoothen your journey through this phase:

(1) Revision Notebook

The best way is to make a revision notebook. Jot down all the important points chapter wise. Firstly make separate parts for Physics, Chemistry and Math. Then note down all the vital formulae, rules etc. covering all the topics. The notes must be short and precise. The main purpose of these notes is that they can help you in revising everything and that too in a short span. Also you will be benefitted in other exams as the curriculum of all entrances is same to a large extent. Even if you have made such copy but in a different manner, no need to worry. It should serve the purpose and if it’s doing so then its fine.

(2) Audio aid

Another way is to record all the chief formulae, theorems etc. in some storage device be it phone, i-pod or something else in your own voice. This innovative way shall assist you in getting hold of all the important points easily. You can listen to it on your way to classes too.

(3) Re-schedule your study timings:

Avoid studying at night. If you are habitual of studying till late hours, it would be better if you could change that. Try to study maximum during daytime preferably between 9.00 to 12.00 and 2.00 to 5.00. The reason behind this is that these are the timings of the JEE exam. Moreover study on a table and a chair rather than on sofa or bed.

(4) Practice is the only key:

Since now just 3 months are left so there is no time for worrying or doing anything else except studying. Practice as much as you can. Work on your weak areas. Solve at least one mock test paper daily. Work out the previous years papers. Do all the sample test papers you have been provided by your institute. Do not go after new books or papers. First solve all the question banks of previous years and then if you have time in hand you can further opt for new ones.

(5) Planning is a must!

Planning is indispensable at this juncture. Prepare your study plans as to what all you wish to cover in the next two-three days. Try your level best to achieve your planned targets but do not get disheartened if you are not able to do so. Very rarely are the results same as the planned targets. But just work seriously.

(6) Refreshment is equally important

Do not restrict yourself within the four walls of your room. Change is very essential to you calm and fresh. Go for a walk daily in the morning. If possible, plan an evening walk too. This will aid in channelizing your energy and keeping your mind fresh and hence will improve your concentration.

(7) Work on Inorganic Chemistry

Start preparing for inorganic chemistry early. Refer the NCERTs of classes 10th and 12th. NCERT aids you in cracking around 80% questions in the JEE exam. So once you are done with it you can refer your notes and other books too. While going through the books, keep on highlighting the key facts so that you don’t have to through whole of the matter gain. Though generally students find this topic boring but since it fetches many questions every year, so make it a habit to revise this topic every day for 2-3 hours. Some of the topics which have been frequently asked include:

ü s, p, d, f – block elements

ü Extractive Metallurgy

ü Surface Chemistry

ü Solid State

ü Biomolecules

ü Coordination Complexes

(8) Be lively and optimistic

Do not lose heart at any point. Stay optimistic and jovial. This does not give you the liberty of taking things lightly but it just means that you should become a frustrated person. A person who is happy and relaxed is sure to perform better than the one who is serious and anxious. Just try your level best and understand the fact that you are sure to become an engineer if not from IIT a then some other institute.

(9)   Promise yourself!

Promise yourself that you will not dare to waste time at this crucial juncture. Forget everything, be it matches, serials etc. and just remember one thing i.e. IIT JEE. These serials and matches will keep on coming but your precious time won’t come back. This is the golden time period to realize your dream so work towards it. Once you excel, everything else will follow.


The most significant factor is your morale and determination. Be optimistic and         keep your morale high. Just try your level best and do not worry for results. You still have time in your hands and optimum utilization can help you achieve your goal!


All the best and give your best shot!


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