Memorize the periodic table within minutes!
Memorize the periodic table within minutes!

It has always been too tedious to remember the periodic table. Students waste hours on memorizing it but to no avail. Here we come to your rescue. Just remember the first 12 elements (sorry can’t help you in that) and leave rest on us. Just spend a few minutes on going through this matter and you will end up retaining close to 65 elements.

We give you the ways of remembering the D-block and P-block elements as depicted in the figure:

We begin with the P-block elements.

We shall proceed column wise. Consider the first column. So we are ablout to learn the groups 13-17.

Group 13– The group begins with Boron and ends at Thalium. So considering the initials of the elements which are B Al Ga In Tl, remember it as BAGIT or to make it more simpler learn BAG IT.

Group 14– The group consists of C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb. Hence it should be memorized as Carbon and Silicon chips in Germany doped with Tin(Sn) and Lead(Pb). If learnt in this way you are sure not to forget the order.

Group 15The group contains N, P, As, Sb, Bi. Since it begins with N and ends at Bi so learn it as Naga Pambu Aasaiya Saabuduthu Biscuit.

Group 16The elements that come under this group are O S Se Te Po. So it should be retained as Ohh YeS! Se Thu Po.

Group 17The elements counted under this head are Fluorine (F), Chlorine Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I), Astatine (At). Now read it quickly but carefully. They all seem to rhyme as they all end with ‘ine’. Hence it’s simple to learn them this way.

 Group 18This group must be learnt by heart as these elements are imperial enough to be present on the periodic table.



It’s time to attack the most averted lot of D-block elements. It would be better if we advance in a row wise manner i.e. move according to the periods.

Period 4– Pick up the first row of the D-block i.e. the elements with period 4. The elements are ten in number so it is better to learn them in parts. Divide them into two parts. The first one contains Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn and the second one includes Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn.

Now consider the first part i.e. Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn and this should be memorized as Scandium saw Titanic in Vettri Chrompet Theatre with Manganese.

It is quite challenging to remember the remaining half. Anyways, the elements included are Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn. Learn it in the way you read the symbols Feh Co Nee Ku Zinc – FeCo NiCu Zn. So memorize that Fe, Co and Ni, Cu are rwo couples while Zn is still a bachelor.

But, remember here not to mess the order of Cobalt (Co) and Copper (Cu).

Period 5– In order to learn this, we assume this period to be a tale of two friends Y and Z i.e. Yttrium and Zed/Zee – Zirconium respectively. Hence Y and Z are both pals and they say Namba(Nb) Teacher(Tc) R-square(Ru,Rh)” (Our teacher R-square). Post this, they enjoy by singing and dancing to music from CD- Padi(Pd) Aaadi(Ag) Cd

Hence, to be precise, this should be learnt this way:

Y and Z – two friends – say “Namba Teacher R-square” – and Padi, Aadi to a Cd.

Period 6 – First we list the elements covered under this category. They are Hf, Ta, W, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au and Hg.

We proceed backwards i.e. in the reverse order and try to link the symbols with some simple allied words:

Hg – Mercury – Marie – This is a reputed brand of biscuit in India.

W – Tungsten – Wandhichu or Vandhichu- which implies “to come” or “to get affected with”

“Ta – Tantalum – Theriyuma – meaning “do you know”?

So, if we suppose that we are speaking to the element Hafnuim, then the sentence would be

“Marie Gold Platinum biscuit saaptu Irridium ku Soree Wandhichu Theriyuma Hafnium?”

We can write the above thing in a better manner that furnishes a better understanding:

“Marie(Hg) Gold(Au) Platinum(Pt) biscuit saaptu Irridium(Ir) ku SoRee(OsRe) Wandhichu(W) Theriyuma(Ta) Hafnium(Hf) ?”

which decodes to “Hey hafnium, did you know that Irridium got a bad itch after eating Marie Gold Platinum biscuits ?”

hey… do not ignore the first element of the periodic table which is also the first element of the Lanthanides– Lanthanum !

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