Most difficult job interview questions asked in 2014Have you recently passed your higher education and searching for a good job? Are you willing to join a prestigious company at a good position? Well, when it comes to interviews then many candidates fail to pass the rounds. They do not able to come up with satisfactory answers to all the tricky questions asked by the employers to test the IQ and knowledge of the applicants. In today’s competitive world a number of candidates apply for a single post. In such a situation, employers prefer to hire only those who seem to fit perfect for the positions. If you want to stay try out your luck and wish to grab the best opportunity, then it is necessary that you be prepared for the interview from before. Passing the interview with a good score is the only way that can help you to grab the position you dream about.

In this post you will come across some of the trickiest job interview questions asked in 2014 by the employers during the interview rounds.

1.Position: Google Administrative Assistant

What are the 10 innovative things you could do with a box full of pencils (excluding the traditional use)?

2.Position: Google Administrative Assistant

What is the best way to solve any problem if you are situated in Mars?

3.Position: Apple Intern

How can you break a clock in an innovative way?

4.Position: Software Development Engineer at Microsoft

What sign you would prefer to be, had you been given the chance of being a street sign?

5.Position: Microsoft Software Development Engineer 

Let’s assume that a disc is spinning in a specific direction on a spindle, but you are not aware about the exact rotating direction. If you were given a few pins, then how would you utilize them to find out the direction of the rotating disc?

6.Position: Goldman Sachs Technology Analyst

On a plane there are numerous white and black dots and you need to prove that one white dot is situated at a distance of one unit from the other black dot.

7.Position: Business Operations Intern at Facebook

You have a bag with ‘N’ number of strings and you just randomly pull one of the ends of a string and tie the same with the end of another string. The thing is repeated unless there are no strings left. Find out the number of loops.

8.Position: Senior Software Engineer at Twitter

Does the binary tree reflect exactly as it is?

(Note: The original binary tree image is not, Representative image)

9.Position: Associate Consultant at Microsoft

Name Different types of Microsoft products (as many as you can)

10.Position: AIG Investment Intern

How can one cut a cake that is circular in shape in 8 equal pieces?

11.Position: Summer Marketing Analyst at JP Morgan Chase

Any service or product that can bring a revolutionary effect in your university and about which no one has ever thought before. What will be the best ways of marketing it?

1.Position: Google Product Manager

How can you develop a phone for the deaf people?

2.Position: Recruiter at Twitter

Reasons for not hiring you as a part of our team

3.Position: Microsoft  Intern

How would you come up with an elevator?

4.Position: QA Automation Engineer at BitTorrent

10 dwarfs were line up according to their height – shortest to tallest by a dwarf-killing giant. Every dwarf can see the other dwarfs who are shorter than him in front of them, but they cannot see the other dwarfs standing behind. The giant puts a black and white hat randomly on each of the dwarfs. None of the dwarfs can see the hat they were wearing. According to the condition given by the giant, each of the dwarfs needs to tell the colour of hat he is wearing, the one who answers is wrongly would be killed. Every dwarf can hear the answer being given by the one standing in front of him, but he cannot hear when any dwarf is killed. Before the giant distributes the hats, the dwarfs were given the chance of colluding. Describe the strategy that would be applicable for killing the fewest possible dwarfs and also answer the minimum number of dwarfs who can be saved with the help of this strategy.

Hope that the above job interview questions help you in your interview.

Best of luck for your new jobs!

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