Droppers who cleared IIT JEE, did not perform well at IIT

An analysis has been performed by the Professor at IIT Kanpur, Dheeraj Sanghi with the batch of students who have passed the institution in 2006. From this analysis it has been found that as compared to non-droppers, the droppers of the IIT had not performed better. Although the sample which is found is quite small to come at any conclusion, but still it do reveals some facts.

In the year 2006 the number of students who have enrolled in IIT Kanpur (also passed 12th class same year) were around 184. The CPI of these candidates was approximately 7.9. On the other hand, students who have dropped a year, i.e. those who passed out 12th in 2005 were 217 and the CPI on an average was 7.2. Again, those students who have dropped 2 years, i.e. those who had appeared for the board exam in 2004 count upto 81. The average CPI of these students was 6.8. For students who have dropped 3 years, the CPI is 6.4, and the number of such candidates counts to 35.  Lastly, the remaining 18 students fall under the category of those who have passed out Class 12 in 1999-2002. The CPI counts to 6.4.

The database given above is just confined to IIT Kanpur, if the same is concluded from all the other IITs available in India, then it could be witnessed that more the number of years dropped by the candidates, the poorer they perform. In fact, it is an idle decision for all IITs to allow candidates for appearing just twice in the Joint Entrance Examination.

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