A complete guide to win through BITSAT: It was never so easy!BITSAT examination is the main and only requisite for getting admission in the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani, Goa or Hyderabad. I would not deny the fact that it is indeed a tough nut to crack, but in no way it should be impossible for you. If you have a question like this in mind, it proves that you are an engineering aspirant and then you would as well be appearing for the JEE. BITSAT is not as tough as the JEE, but somewhat similar to the level of AIEEE. Also, it is a little different from all the other entrance examinations. And if BITS is what your target is, you must feel confident enough as there will be maximums students around you would be IIT aspirants and would keep BITS as an option, but you can outshine them all as it is your priority!

1. Though preparing for JEE often covers what would be coming in the BITSAT too but if you are aiming for BITS Pilani majorly, you can take a different approach. Majorly, where IIT preparation would include many questions which are over and above the 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus, for BITS you have to go through your NCERT syllabus thoroughly.

  • Never underestimate your text books. They might look smaller and thinner as compared to your reference books, but they are very useful. And mark my words that if you are thorough with them, you will see the difference while solving the practice papers of BITSAT.
  • The level of the questions will definitely be raised, but if you would get your basics right, you are moving in the right direction. So smart studying is what is needed here.

2. Second most important thing to keep in mind all the time is- this is going to be a computer based test. So you have to be well-versed with its usage. So while time is still there practice on computer.

  • Try to make it a part of your curriculum to do practice on computer every day.
  • Remember that giving BITSAT is going to leave with you with no leisure time and you need to be very quick. Thus you need to be assured that you have enough practice on the online front in order to ‘not lose’ any precious time there.

3. Third thing you have to keep in mind while preparing for BITSAT is that it has two additional sections- Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency. As easy as it sounds, it is going to be tricky.

  • So whilst you are preparing for your regular Maths, Physics and Chemistry subjects do not forget to pay attention to these sections.
  • And remember that this is precisely the area where you are bound to score over your IIT aspirant counterparts. Once you are proficient with these sections, it is definitely going to help you score high. There are many students out there who agree to the fact that it is because of LP and EP that they have been able to crack the BITSAT!

4. Another thing to be cautious while preparing for the BITSAT exam should be the weightage given to different subjects. You have to be thorough in maths above everything.

  • Make maths your forte and practice every day.
  • If Maths is your problem area and you are quite confident about chemistry and physics, then still you don’t have to worry. For now as much time is left, practice maths, maths and maths.
  • And as discussed earlier get your NCERT Mathematics book concepts clear and complete.

5.- And finally comes the BITSAT catch- the extra 12 questions. This is going to be very tricky. There are 150 questions in BITSAT and once you do 135+ you can appear for the last 10 questions. These last 10 questions have negative points attached to them. So 1 question wrong, you lose one mark. But if you get even 3 correct. You get 9 marks for right answers and -7 for wrong. So that gives you +2 in total. Nothing much to lose there, right?

  • Once you get access to these 12 mystery questions these can fetch you extra 36 marks if attempted well!
  • So two things are necessary in this case- one is risk taking, and then it’s your agility to solve the test in a good pace. There are many candidates who would dream to attempt those questions but won’t be able to do that because of their speed.
  • Here again the mantra is- practice a lot.

So after going through this, I feel that you would realize that a right approach is the main thing you need to crack the BITSAT. It is not HARD to get in to BITS Pilani, but it means going through a different pattern of studying and different approach in preparations. Staying focused, having faith in your calibre and constant practice in the right direction is all you need to get into BITS Pilani.

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