Self-Study Packages is a well-known and widely recognized name when it comes to online study material and online study courses. We at with a panel of most learned and most knowledgeable professionals, always strive to bring forth to you the best, at an optimal cost. A new breakthrough in this area is our offering of “Self-Study Packages” which is designed especially for the candidates aiming to crack IIT, AIPMT and the CBSE board exams. These are designed for self-aimed preparation, thus allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce the best learning experience.

These packages contain the respective course materials in detail, and have been developed by our core team that comprises of ex-IITians and senior faculty from other prominent institutions like AIIMS and IISc Bangalore. These packages were developed with an idea to facilitate learning from the comfort of one’s home and also taking things one by one as per one’s pace as well as choice. The efficiency and the worth of these packages have been proved 100% successful by the response they have got from students around the country within just a few days of their launch!

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Package Details

These packages are not just about white sheets and black ink. It has been formulated in such an interesting way, that the learning experience becomes fun as well as a long-lasting. Best efforts have been made to make the material most interactive and engaging. The Self Study packages contain the following constituents:

  • Video Lectures – These easy to understand video lectures have been created by our professionals so as to aid in learning of all the students alike, being highly comprehensible, in a neutral accent. Whether you are a slow learner or a quick one, you have these always in your stock, whenever you want to refer.
  • Revision Notes – This is the joyous part! Once you complete your curriculum, you have the joy of referring to these exclusive revision notes, which contain all the important theories, basics and formulas you need to brush-up on. It save you the hassle to go through the entire course all over again.
  • Test paper with Video Solution – While the test paper will measure how you have scored based on your understanding and your strength and weaknesses areas, its video solution would guide you step by step as to what were the corrections needed, and the correct methods you need to employ.
  • Mind Map – This is a unique feature we have made especially to improve your learning experience. After you finish a topic, you can just go through the mind map once to ensure that you never forget it! And how is that possible? These topic-wise Mind Maps are basically infographics which summarize each topic into one single sheet!
  • Study Planner – This is a schedule which our experts have created keeping mind the optimum time you need to spend on each topic, subject-wise, plus the time you need for revision. So while on one hand you have the flexibility of time, on the other hand you have this Study Planner to compare how you are faring!

Benefits of the Package

Following are the Benefits you would get from the subscription to our packages-

  1. You can review the content over and over again at your own speed without the pressure that exists in live and virtual classrooms. If you take more time than others, here it won’t concern anyone. If you think a concept need re-studying, go ahead, take your own sweet time. After all it is about your performance in the end.
  2. Self-paced learning requires no physical logistics, for e.g., there is no scheduling of sessions. You are the teacher, you are the mentor and it is as per you have structured your syllabus to be. If you want to focus first on your problem areas, it is entirely fine!
  3. As you study on your own and solve and understand concepts on your own, you become more skilled to take on challenges and become much more self-dependant. The numerical and problems understood and cleared by you tend to remain in your memory even a long after you have done it, thus enabling an easy end-of the-term revision.

Package Cost: The subscription cost to these Self-Study Package is just Rs.100 each, with no hidden charges. This is an offer which includes 80% off only for the Early Bird Buyers. So subscribe today to avail the discount!

Free Add On: While the package offered to you is more than whole-in-whole in itself, but we would still like to surprise you “extra” element. As you purchase this pack, you will get a free subscription to the “Priority answer service” by experts on forums!

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