Learning is fun when you love what you do! 

When you’re passionate about something, learning feels like fun, and it becomes easier to go the extra mile to learn more. If learning is associated with fun,it drives motivation, flow, and engagement, and helps students retain information better. 

Thus, we at askIITians have carefully designed our Global Rendering of Intellectual Program, commonly known as GRIP which is open for all students from grade 6th to 10th to discover their joy of learning. If you want to experience learning with fun activities, then this program is best for you to join.

What is GRIP?

GRIP i.e. Global Rendering of Intellectuals Program is a multi-faceted drive that encapsulates fun with Learning. Designed for grade 6-10, students are subjected to various fun activities, challenging quizzes, reasoning puzzles, olympiad problems, advanced learning classes and much more and all this at a global reach!!!
The program concludes with career counseling guidance.

The assessment drive setup in detail

ACTIVITIESTime for some fun!!

TIME BOUND QUIZZESQuick or Accurate which adjective defines you better??

SUPER PAPERUp for some brainstorming??

A cumulative score will be given based on the performance in the aforementioned tasks. This score holds key to unlock the gateway to the Super batches, wherein you would be among the top 20 students selected globally.

SUPER BATCH– Bravo… you made it to the class of prodigies!!!

LIVE ONLINE QUIZ– Felicidades!! Celebrity feelings!

Apart from all these tasks, we have a complementary paper which when attempt

ed successfully gives students a global ranking and lets them know where exactly they stand internationally.

Following is the detailed discussion about the current scenario of all kinds of olympiads and what exceptional qualities are they looking for in students, and how exactly askIITians  GRIP caters to each and every demand made by all such olympiads/assessments prevalent.




  • Organized by the Unified Council, this olympiad of international importance is one of its own kind.
  • Its major focus is the assessment of not just general fact-based rote knowledge, but skill-based abilities of ward.
  • Under our meticulously designed program GRIP, the ACTIVITIES section takes care of good care of infusing academic skills with the creative abilities of a student, as demanded by NSTSE.
  • All the activities under this task are created in a way that not only tests one knowledge area but also challenges innovative insights of the student.


  • A successful venture initiated by SOF in the year 1996, which has spread its wings all across the globe successfully.
  • Major motive is to introduce a transformational revolution to the classroom approach to subjects like Science, IT, General knowledge, Maths, English, making the learning process more interactive and interesting.
  • Hunting for the eligible candidates to amplify the talent pool for IT incorporated learning of Science, Maths and other subjects.
  • Thanks to our revolutionary concept of SUPER BATCHES which has made conventional methods of teaching, a long-gone story, thereby meeting the demands of exams like NSO.
  • Under GRIP initiative by askIITians our SUPER BATCHES create an army of virtuosos who are well adept with technology and have hands-on expertise on handling various modern apps while studying.
  • We implement online mode of teaching Science and Maths to the super batches, which renders them active when it comes to usage of various latest tools while learning.


  • Conducted for the first time way back in 1963 by NCERT, then known by the name NSTSS.
  • It is a core talent-based evaluation which assesses all the mandates which ought to be present in the student in order to successfully crack any national/international level competitive exams
  • Qualities like accuracy and precision are well tested.
  • This specific requirement made by exams like NTSE has not missed the attention of GRIP
  • In order to meet the needful, we have our  SUPER PAPER as well as TIME BOUND QUIZZES the prime goal of both being preparing a student by rigorously working on their accuracy while answering the question against limited timeframe.


  • This initiative by DST ( Department of Science and Technology) set its first foot a decade back in 1996.
  • The test aims towards encouraging prodigious wards all across the globe to take up research in Science as a career for a lifetime.
  • Instincts for research comes from within is a matter of fact, but what we can do under our plan GRIP is to help you realize those latent/hidden insights.
  • After attempting all the tasks falling under the roof of GRIP, we leave it to the judgment of an individual ward, about where exactly he wants to head towards in the future.


  • This assessment scale is the brainchild of the renowned NGO Silverzone Foundations initiated in the year 1996.
  • The uniqueness of the program lies in catering students from varying backgrounds at an international scale creating enormous opportunities, hunting for academic excellence across borders.
  • We assure you that the final round of GRIP which is the LIVE ONLINE QUIZ has been a proven boon in creating an interactive interface among students projected from varying backgrounds and acts as an effective icebreaker when it comes to sharing intellect among one competitor.
  • Excellence in SILVERZONE OLYMPIADS is guaranteed deal once a student is exposed to multiple viewpoints from prospective winners through such LIVE ONLINE QUIZ platforms.


  • The world has a lot in store for prospective winners, and everyone is born with an inclination towards one or the other subjects, but it takes a lot to recognize what exactly one mind is designed to achieve.
  • We at askIITians help in cutting down this struggle to the maximum extent.
  • This is achieved through our concluding career counseling sessions with one to one approach for every student in need.

How to Apply?

Hurry up and jot down all the mandates you have to keep in mind while applying for askIITians GRIP  cause opportunities don’t knock your door everyday.

Last Date to Register: 10th September, ’20

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