12Considering JEE is all about students’ conceptual strength, “Concepts of Physics”, the book authored by H.C. Verma, is one highly recommended book to crack JEE. The book explains every concept of physics in a detailed and a very clear way from the scratch. It helps students learn concepts of physics in an easy way.

The book uses an easy user-friendly language. All examples given in the book are derived from our daily life experiences. Owing to this simplicity, this book is also ideal for beginners to learn JEE-Physics.

Hence, this book can be used effectively for JEE preparation by all IIT aspirants. In fact, many students in the past have made most of this book by H.C. Verma to successfully clear JEE.

13Let’s go through a few tips on how to use this book to crack the JEE examination step wise:

  1. To hone your skills in all concepts of Physics, students must start from the very first chapter. Do not jump or study chapters randomly.
  2. It’s important to understand the entire chapter. Don’t attempt questions after reading just a couple of portions from the chapter. Take your time to understand a particular chapter.
  3. Ensure that you attempt example problems every time find them in the book. Don’t skip them.
  4. You must not forget to compare your solution with the one given in the example problem in the book. If your answer is correct then check for the process opted by you to solve the problem. If it is done differently then check whether the process to solve the problem given in the book is faster than the process opted by you or not. If it is done in an easier way than you should go ahead with the process mentioned in the book otherwise you can stick to the one opted by you.

In case, your answer is incorrect then see why you have a wrong answer. Correct your answer accordingly. It might take you to hone your concepts one more time. Do that. It is important that all your concepts are strong to avoid any hurdle during JEE examination.

  1. You must start with the problems at the end of the chapter only when you are done with the example problems in the book.
  2. Attempt questions section wise. You must first get done with questions in section 2 before you attempt questions in section 3.
  3. You must also attempt questions in their real order. For example, you must not attempt question number 5 in a particular section until you are done with questions from 1 to 9.

With all the tips above, you will become conceptually stronger in Physics. Students are however advised not to follow multiple books at one time. This leads to confusion in concepts. You can however follow another book once you are done with the first one.

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