Two Questions with Incorrect Options in AIPMT 2014 Send Candidates in a TizzyMedical aspirants were in a tizzy when two key questions in the chemistry section of recently held AIPMT 2014 were found to have all four options incorrect. According to reports, over 13,000 candidates appeared for the entrance examination conducted by CBSE in Chandigarh, held across 27 examination centers in the city.

There were four sets of question papers having same questions but different serial numbers. The discrepancy was found in the Set R. All the options in question number 152 (Organic Chemistry) and 170 (Inorganic Chemistry) were found incorrect. However, the serial number of these questions in set S was 136 and 158.

“In question 152, compounds of four molecules were given and students were asked to find the compound of the molecule that could undergo racemisation with the solution of KOH hydrolyses,” Ananya Ganguly, a chemistry teacher, said. “Why this question is uncertain because all options had the choice of two molecules together, whereas only the fourth molecule alone can undergo racemisation,” he added.

“All options in this question were wrong as only fourth structure alone could make the answer correct,” agreed senior chemistry professor at Punjab University Kamal Nain Singh. “All options in this question were wrong as only fourth structure alone could make the answer correct. Students must file objections with the CBSE on this uncertain question,” Singh added.
In question number 170, students were asked to identify the correct representation for “ionic radii”.
“All options in the questions were wrong since none of the option had the right structure that could prove to be the right representation for the “ionic radii”, Ganguly said.

In the wake of confirmation by experts and academicians, students are demanding immediate correction of these two questions.

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